Friday, May 31, 2013

Fleece Freeze Pop Covers~Cutie Tutie

Nothing makes my Chimps more giddy than an icy cold freeze pop on a sweltering day. They fist fight over the red ones and get sticky red juice all over, but this is a true joy of kidhood that I cannot rip from their dirty little hands. A few years ago, I made these fleece freeze pop covers to protect my babies' fingers from the harsh frostbite that oftens accompanies freeze pop frenzies. Back in the day, my Mama used to wrap a cheap paper towel around them-Old School Style, but I digress....
Anyhoo, just busted them out this past weekend and thought I would do a quick tute on how I make them.
I have given them out as party favors over the years and as classroom gifts. They always rock and I have had some of them forever. Just a cool + cozy thing to have:) 

And...I adore you all so much that I whipped up some free tags that you can use to let your little people give these out to classmates for the end of the year. You could also use the tags for any other "cool type" end of year gift. Maybe some Cool Mint Tic Tacs...although I 'm kinda certain that there would be kid anarchy if I passed out minty Tic Tacs on the last day of school..LOL. Come on, funny. 

These are super easy to make, require very minimal sewing skills and will make you look like a rockstar in the eyes of kids, teachers and 'rents everywhere. Trust. 

Junk you need:

fleece fabric (I always try to use scraps I have around the house)
sewing machine ( I had to blow the dust off mine)
scissors or rotary cutter (if you are cutting mass amounts, def use the rotary-cuts through fleece like butta)
cute tags (FREE for my Lovas)
random ribbon
ice pops (unfrozen if you are not eating them then and there..LOL)

 gather junk

cut fleece into strips
I do 11 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches
you can adjust to any size you would like 

 fold fleece in half

sew together on the left side and right side
just sew the two sides-straight down the sides
note-I am the worst with the machine, 
but I can do these and so can you! 

just sew the sides
cut excess off
they do not have to be perfect 

add freeze pops and admire the adorableness

 tie tags on with some sweet ribbon

admire some more and get ready to reap the love


Janelle said...

Thanks for sharing this tut - these are so cute! My little grandson is gonna love, as these 'pops' are his fav treat!!
Thank you for the darling tags too ~

Fernanda Nunez said...

Thanks for sharing and I'd love to print the tags to give out to my son's kinder classmate, but I can't download unless I pay, is there any other way I can get around this.