Thursday, May 2, 2013

The secrets of the sequins...

So. The number one question that I am getting about The Great Gavini's Magic Show is....Where did you get those magical sequin tablecloths? I used sequins throughout his party for added sparkle, shine and magic. Sequins will be the next huge party thing. Trust. Seriously.

Luckily, I am a Magic Mama that will share her behind the scenes secrets with you. The tablecloths are simply yards of "fabric." Sequins on mesh that I purchased on etsy and created an overlay on top of plain black tablecloths. The main dining table was actually two 6 foot tables pushed together-so that long stretch of fabric was about 6 yards. It was beautiful, dazzling and dramatic. There was enough overhang on both sides as well. I also had an additional six yards-which I cut in half- to use for the table in my kitchen. I purchased a rainbow, over the top design on etsy, but beautiful solid colors can be purchased at any craft store or online. Fabric will not give you a "to the floor" table cloth, but this is an easy idea for an overlay or table runner to add some spectacular sparkle and interest. I also had the etsy seller create custom throw pillow covers with the same fabric to add more cohesion and dazzle.

If you prefer the patterned/textured look of the sequins you are seeing all over Pinterest-you can look for Seaweed Sequin fabric-I purchased swatches at for $1 and they were beautiful.

I also used sequins throughout the Magic Show for added drama and dazzle. They worked well and were a magical finishing touch. I created a sequined cake band, used sequins to line the island in lieu of standard confetti. I embellished the Baconess' Banner with sequin trim. I also purchased a sequined letter "G" that I wound up using in the guest bathroom. I dazzled up the beautiful, handpainted Bunny Magic Carpet that my Lova Lydia-sent on over with some sequin sparkle. And, of course, Dirty Vintage sent me over a sequined Knocker.

Sequins are everything. Trust. Post pictures of your parties, you know Glitta Mama likes the shiny stuff


Melissa N. said...

Very cool!

Bellenza Bistro said...

Amazing effect, now that you've pointed out all the sequined party elements! Love the "G"!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would love to know how to cut the sequin fabric and how you handled the edges. Did you sew the edges? Did you have to remove any cut pieces of sequins? Thanks so much. JP