Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mama Mia Mini Pizza Box Tute

I love me some clever favor packaging. I created these and had them in my shop about 5 years ago and thought I would create a little tutorial for these snazzy mini pizza boxes.
Perfect for a pizza, bowling, Chuck E Cheese or TMNT party and anywhere else where a tiny pizza box would add some adorable cheesy charm.They also a sweet idea for invitation presentation.

Super easy to make and they provide a unique + cheesy presentation.
Another cutie design here.

Junk needed:

Mini pizza boxes~I use 7x7x2, similar to the ones found here, but you can really use any size.
Full sheet label paper~I used Staples brand.
Any kind of simple text design program. I used Word.
Parchment or waxed paper for official pizza box authenticity + adorableness.

Supply list is easy. You can use any size boxes,
any brand of label/sticker paper. 

Create a little design and insert a picture or graphic.
This is a very basic set-up in Word that
I did almost 6 years ago. Just text boxes and WordArt. LOL 

Chimp mugs on a mini pizza box-nothing cuter.

What kid does not like to receive a bottle of
glitter as a party favor?! Mine. LOL

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Melisa Hoffmannbeck said...

What website/store did you find your pizza boxes? My son wants a TMNT party and I though Minnie pizza boxes would make for awesome invitations.