Monday, September 10, 2012

3 Minute Makeover Monday. Blinging out the entertainment stand...

So. I have been searching for months for an entertainment stand that would work in our new family room space. I could not find anything gray with glitter on it, so I had to compromise. A simple black design was my second choice, but I wanted more of a piece of furniture rather than one I had to assemble myself. I found one that kind of met my wants, but it had a slightly distressed finish to it. My junk leans more towards eclectic modern, but I thought I could work with this one so I bought it. The piece features small, black, wooden knobs~utilitarian +  dull looking, and I thought that could be my opportunity to make some magic.  I found some rainbow prism crystal knobs online and turned this mutha out. Adore the sparkle + the unexpected rainbow dazzle when viewed from certain angles. The knobs pick up all the colors in the room. Amazing how four knobs can change the feel of a piece and the vibe of a room.

The moral of this makeover: Don't be afraid to change something about a piece to have it reflect your style. A simple makeover can have a major impact. Three minute makeovers RULE!