Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No Roses for Harry. Pups + Pancakes

So. It's National Pancake Day. My Chimps roll hard for pancakes. I roll to make them even cuter.

One of my favorite book series were about a Dirty Dog named Harry~penned by the amazing Gene Zion. The Harry adoration is genetic and my sons simply love the charming tales of this adorable little pup.

Here is a sweet little inspirational shoot I styled for Bird's Spring/Summer 2012 Issue. My inspiration was "No Roses for Harry," by Gene Zion. I created a simple, yet charming, pancake bar breakfast with children in mind. come on, who doesn't like to eat Cocoa Puffs out of a dog bowl? LOL. Pancake topping + syrup bar, pancakes turned into puppycakes, dog bone shaped Pop Tarts, Scooby Snacks, cereal, milk and fun all served up in a cheerful and kid friendly way.

Some of the featured junk: The Knock Knock Factory

Happy National Pancake Day~With syrup on top. And a handmade ribbon flag. And a pancake tassel for drama;)


Natalie {the knock-knock factory} said...

The paper on the floor is priceless. adore this party...and good pancakes:)

Kathy said...

i love the Harry story too, this looks like a fun time for all! the decorations are wonderful!