Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Pink Tuesday. The dazzling and amazing 130 {Carmen, Little Pink Box}

Little Pink Tuesday Crush #130 Carmen, Little Pink Box

Carmen is one of the first people I ever met on Twitter. She is simply amazing. She is sweet, charming and has an eye for the details that go unnoticed by most. She is a graphic designer by trade and one of the most clever and extraordinary party stylists I have ever encountered. She has a love for all things beautiful. And pink:) She is incredibly supportive, sweet, sunny and funny. Proud to call her a friend. Totally, seriously and ridiculously crushing on the charming Carmen. xo


Fascinating Carmen facts:)

favorite color ? PINK

favorite team ? New England Patriots maybe because my son is a huge fan of them

if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be ? I know this is not a food, but defintely CHOCOLATE, I can’t live without it

party trend you are crushing ? Cakepops, they look so cute on Dessert Tables, but I’ve never done

party trend you are so over ? Cupcake Toppers (printed ones, not fondant)

favorite aisle in the craft store ? a few years ago, all about cross stitch but now, everything about candy and chocolate molds

do you wear Uggs ? no, maybe they are comfy but I prefer things more exquisite

do you really excercise ? I don’t like so much but I try 5 times a week, at least the treadmill

minivar or non minivan driving ? I'm a Mom but I've always preferred car

favorite holiday ? of course Christmas, I love decorating my house this season

favorite smell ? apple with cinnamon

do you color your hair ? yes, I have to, just retouch my roots every 3 weeks in my color

do you think you’re cool ? I don’t know, you tell me

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