Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dazzling, Fabulous & Fancy Nancy. I dig thee~103 {Nancy, A to Zebra Celebrations}

Welcome to Serious Stylist Week of the Pug Crush. These are the chicks that style the parties that define inspiration. Ridiculous styling skills are a gift and these ladies shine.

Winding down the week with a colorful and dazzling rock star.

Vibrant & glittery 103: Nancy, A to Zebra Celebrations

Nancy has amazing style. She is the designer behind the whimsical A to Zebra Celebrations. Her partyware designs are bright, bold and beautiful. She is a lova of glitter:) Her work sparkles. Nancy is a way beyond fabulous party stylist. She is a detail girl. She loves zebra patterns. Nancy is also THE table runner chick. Her extraordinary designs have been featured all over the web and world. Cutest. table. runners. ever. Nancy blogs about parties, crafts, finds and inspiration for entertaining. Nancy is sweet, sunny and funny. Totally crushing on the ridiculously Fabulous Fancy Nancy-Glitter Loving Super Star.


Fascinating Nancy trivia:)

Favorite color- Pink, but red is up there as well :)

Favorite team- Oregon Ducks if you are talking about sports...ha! My hubby is from Oregon :)

I would eat Mexican food...I'm Mexican AND we have the BEST food eva-h!!!....HAHA!

Party trend I am crashing on is my glittery paper banners.....Awww LOVE LOVE glitter!!!! I don't care for the printed banners.

Party trend I am over is.....cupcake toppers....I am thinking of coming up with some other cool thing for toppers...stay tuned :)

Favorite isle- scrapbook paper and fabric!!!! LOVE them both and I'd love to sew everyday, but no time :(

Don't wear UGGS :(

Yes I exercise. I take zumba classes 3-4 days a week...LOVE my zumba music!!! It's my Latina blood I think :):)

HATE minivans.....sorry if you drive one....can't stand them....they are for old folks or people with more than 3 kids..... LOL :) That's why I am not having more children...ha!! Just kidding....

Favorite holiday- Halloween & Christmas!! But them all because it's an excuse to have another party....ha!

Favorite smell- Love Spell lotion by Victorias Secret

I've colored my hair red before, but haven't for almost a year now...It's hard to keep it up. I'm ready for my brunette natural hair back :)

Of course I think I'm cool!!!....Don't you???...ha!!


Party Box Design said...

ohhh I LOVE that scent too!!!!

SUPER talented lady!

Laura { Eye Candy Event Details} said...

nancy ROCKS! I got the pleasure of meeting her in NYC & she came right up to me like we had known each other forever! How nice is that - she is def. a party girl that plays nice and she is so sweet! She is actually one of the FIRST party girls I started to follow (truth be told) No lie! =)