Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Seriously Styling Shindig Crush. Adore you~102 {Amanda, Shindig Parties}

Serious Stylist Week of the Pug Crush in full effect. These are the chicks that style the parties that define inspiration. Ridiculous styling skills are a gift and these ladies shine.

#102~ I adore you: Amanda, Shindig Parties

Amanda has serious skills. Devastatingly fabulous. She is the creative force behind Shingdig Parties To Go. She offers up gorgeous and unique printable partyware packages. She is also one of the party chicks that can design parties that will make you weak in the knees. She is a dazzling detail girl. She is creative and crafty. She was a player for Team East. She amazed me with her talent. Amanda is sweet, funny and clever. Go take a peek at her parties and you will see some serious styling skills. Totally crushing on the Shindig chick. She shines.


Fascinating Amanda facts:)

favorite color -- anything bright.... I'm an Auburn girl, so maybe War Eagle orange!

favorite team -- uhhh, I think I just answered that -- early bird gets the worm....

one food forever??? Hmmmm...... maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal right out of the oven..... I'm smiling right now just thinking about it.

party trend you are crushing on -- Weird, maybe, but the first thing that comes to mind is the trend for so many women to be "into" parties. I don't really know anyone personally who loves a beautiful detailed party like I do, so the internet and all my bloggy party girls are a my crush, I guess. I love clicking around and seeing all the creativity out there. It's so inspiring!

So "Over" party trend -- anything commercialized to death. I have no need for Party City in my life.

Favorite aisle in the craft store -- Well, you might be asking the wrong girl. I am a do-it-your-selfer in every since of the word (I think it stems from my penchant for not spending money)..... so I do just about everything myself. I guess it would depend on the day and the project.... Hobby Lobby still revs up my engine every time I walk in!

Do I wear Uggs? No, not Uggs.... but I do have maybe 4 pair that look like Uggs.... and they pretty much are on my feet from the time I feel the first chill in the air til Spring Break. I love them!

Do I really exercise? -- Uhhh, you caught me! Does thinking about it count?? I'd love to but starting a new business means new priorities. Maybe one of these days real soon I'll put myself on that priority list, but for now it's ALL PARTIES ALL THE TIME!

Minivan??? Been there, done that. Nope, I love my Expedition.... a party girl's dream! The back seats are electronic and fold down with a press of a button!

Favorite holiday? At Halloween, I say Halloween. Then Christmas comes, and I'm swept up in the whole holiday hoop-la! I love it, and I love how excited my kids get about it.

Favorite smell? Gardenias -- reminds me of growing up in Mississippi and our huge wooded yard that I played in every day with my friends. Amazing how smells bring back memories!

Color my Hair? On occasion, although again, starting your own business usually means sweats and ponytails.... there haven't been too many trips to the beauty salon lately!

Do I think I'm cool? You know, I don't think it really matters what I think.... my kids actually say I am (or at least they do when they want a piece of candy!) So that's a pretty good statement of cool, I guess.


Amanda at Shindig said...

Kristy, you made me laugh! Or maybe I made myself laugh -- I'm still in sweats and a ponytail and my hair is in serious need of some dye! Love my party girls -- thanks so much for the feature on your fabulous Purplicious blog!

mom22 said...

Great feature! Amanda is another one of the nicest party chicks out there! Thank you for featuring her!

Tini Posh said...

Love Amanda! She is a creative genius : )

Bird said...

I <3 Amanda too!!! :)

Such a down to earth, talented and friendly gal!!

Also smiling at the thought of your cookies, and soooo twins with the sweats and ponytail!! LOL

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

Serious, ridiculously talented!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Yes, Amanda is a REAL Rock Star in this business. Every time she shows something new it takes my breath away!

Cari @ Socially Circled said...

LOVE her!!!!!

Melissa said...

As her former neighbor, I can honestly say that everything Amanda does is awesome, and absolutely first class! A real inspiration.

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

Fabulous feature!!! It's always fun reading these questions/answers! Great job, Amanda! You are super talented and inspiring!! :)