Thursday, August 12, 2010

the wet & wild war of the water weapons party

 water ballon centerpieces

invented by a 4th Grader!

water guns on a platter
totally lol @ myself:)

waiting to attack the centerpiece for ammo

 lined up and ready to go

some signage to class things up:)

 easiest place settings-EVA!

the freeze pop centerpieces

 my baby's front tooth:)

Confession: I only party on days that end in "y."

I woke up the other morning to a steamy, humid and very bad hair day weather situation. I decided those extreme conditions called for a party to cool things down and have a few chuckles. Threw together a sweet summer splashdown for my boys and some very special & important guests. Nothing fancy, but a whole lotta fun and memories that will last forever:) This party was themed around this fascinating little invention, called The Pumponator, that fills up water balloons in a quick and super easy way. I was introduced to this little badboy by the fabulous Hostess Tori, of the Thoughfully Simple blog, and speedily purchased a fourpack from The Daily Grommet at Tori's thumbs up recommendation. I inflated about 150 of these balloons in no time flat and they could not have been any easier &  fun to blow up!

I used the vibrant colors of the water balloons to set the color palette for the par-tay.
My assistant, (sassy little niece known as "peacey," due to her extreme love of the peace sign. LOL!) chose a star shape to use as the base for our place settings. I showed her how to use a Cricut and she could not have cared less...LOL! We cut out the brightly colored stars and coordinating table confetti.

We had a tent already on the deck. I hung some colored lanterns from ribbons inside the tent. Peacey sprinkled the confetti around and we set the stars as each guests' placemat.

We did have to eat lunch inside because it was waaaay too hot. My intention was to make sandwiches and cut them into sweet, coordinating star shapes, but that did not happen. There were PBJs, PB and Fluff, Just PB, and cold cut sandwiches..Most on white bread, crusts cut off on all of them..and seriously nothing cute about the food, so you will not see pictures of the mayonnaise jar,  Cheetos wrappers, half eaten sandwiches all over the joint. Just keeping it real people...LOL!

The fun was ready to begin! Water balloons of course, water pistols,  and punching balls were the weapons of choice. The kids loaded up beach pails (same ones used at the Cereal Bar Party:) with ammo and we were ready to go....FIRE AWAY! It was wet, wild and fun. If you got hit with a balloon that did not pop, it HURT. Left a welt...The kids were fine with it, but there were def welts everywhere! We all had a total blast:) Then they went down the waterslide and also threw buckets of water on each other. Good times, good times..

Dessert was back up under the tent...Used my individual ice cream cups on the rocks (same ones from the Donuts & Dragons party). Placed the bowls into a little galvanized tubs with ice to keep them cool. Everyone made their own sundaes..We also had freeze pops for more cold, sugary goodness:)

It was a funny, amazing & impromtu party and I cherish the memories. 

One unexpected and extremely shiny moment during the party came when my 7 year old exclaimed to everyone that his first front tooth had finally come out! Finally~ after months of fruitless wiggling:) My sweet boy was so happy. I was happy. It was a perfect summer day:) 


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Love love love the freezer pop centerpiece. I want to do that too but it's just too dang hot here!

Tori {Thoughtfully Simple} said...

This is such a FUN party idea! So glad you like the Pumponator (I knew you would!).


Susan Crabtree said...

so so fun!

Shelley said...

What a great party especially in this heat!!!


Kustom Kreations by Elisha Akram said...

Im so loving the party! What a great theme and lots of fun!~ GrEAT Job as Always!

Tiffany@Fizzy Party said...

I love this. This is what my blog is all about. Throwing a party just because and you don't always have to go all out, although it is fun to go over the top. Love seeing this post :)