Wednesday, August 4, 2010

donuts and dragons...the party...

donuts & dragons
and a riot of color

donut kebabs

donuts do grow on trees

 fleece pom pom garland

mini bakery boxes served as the
favor packaging

wrapped in baker's twine
from the fabulous The Twinery

miniature glass bowls with
ice cream & coordinating sprinkles

these dragons were soft, a little fierce, colorful
and loved hanging around on 
any place metal the kids could find

with a doubt, mine & my sister's favorite
black raspberry jelly filled & cinnamon sugar coated

guard of the ginormous pixie stix

just hanging around

individual donut stands/pedestals
turn donuts into sweet, little works of art

dragons hanging around the swingset

ribbon rules

this table was for plates, napkins and ketchup!

handmade, no sew
fleece pom pom garland

fabric colored blow pops

Mission Donuts & Dragons is complete. I kept this one on the D.L. because it was to be a surprise for the guests. Donuts because I adore them and dragons to add a little fierce, fire breathing fun into the mix:) Snooped around for a few weeks and was able to find out each kids' favorite donut.
Kids ate lunch...were supposed to go outside and do what I thought was a very cool dragon craft, but it was very hot and humid and they preferred to sit on the couch in the a/c and watch Spongebob...They all also told me the craft was lame...LOL! Kids...
I worked on a bunch of projects for this one...The pom pom garland was made from fleece-no sewing involved. I made the individual donut pedestals. Totally love these and I am sure you will see them again.
I am going through a crazy fabric phase, along with my crazy ribbon phase. LOL! Fabric wrapped lollipops just are cuter than plain ones. The donut kebabs were an original & ridiculously adorable idea and I am still in love with them. They just looked charming...only one kid ate half of one kebab though...LOL! The Donut Tree was beyond funny and the kids adored that too. I added a whole lotta dragons as well..There were mostly boys at the party and I wanted to add a butch element. LOL! I found cuddly magnetic dragons that fit the bill. The color palette was created to coordinate with these funny little dragons.

Each guest took home a donut bakery box filled with donut and dragon type trinkets. I wrapped these tiny bakery boxes in colored baker's twine and made little metal tags with their first initials on them...

The dragons found their way all over the house and yard. the kids had a blast finding metal objects to stick them to.
Perfect little party. The kids were happy which made the Mamas happy. Couldn't ask for more than that. Except for maybe one of those kids to want to make the dragon craft. It was very cool, I swear:)


Hatter and Hare Events said...

Your donut kebabs rock!! I will definitely try to make them the next time I need a sugar high!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I love the kebabs! And the donuts on the pedestals?? just perfect!

Candy and Cake Sugar Designs said...

Love the donuts and dragons theme! You threw another fantastic fun filled party! Love it!

Angelena said...

Just perfect as always! I so look forward to your parties they are so thoughtful and fun!!

A Few of My Favorite Things said...

This party is beyond adorable! Your parties feature the most divine little details. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Jen @ Party Dreamz said...

Between this party and your cereal bar, you've totally inspired me to add a little pizzazz to my daughters upcoming sleepover. Totally adorable!

Brittany Schwaigert said...

Donut Kabobs? I love you!

Christina@pluffmuddstudio said...

Very Cute! Makes me crave a yummy donut!

Cari @ Socially Circled said...

VERY cute! I love the donut kabobs!!!! I'm craving donuts! : )

Unknown said...

seriously LOVE the donut kabobs-super adorable as always!

Anonymous said...

where did you find the cute little dragons? what a super fun party idea!