Friday, April 25, 2014

The Sparkling Spectac Seven {week of ridic in review}

In an effort to address my blogging New Year's Resolutions, {in late April} I am starting a shiny newly weekly feature~ The Sparkling Seven.

I am excited to showcase seven parties, ladies or ideas that went down during the social media week that made my heart happy. I thought I would do a little ridic recap of the fab I found-and hopefully spread a little kindness. This is all stuff or people that I deemed amazing, adorable and inspiring~ideas + chicks that I really think everyone needs to gaze upon. Celebrating the success and brilliance of others:) These are amazing women and you should be following them if you are not already!

Hoping this is a fun bus and I keep it up more than 3 weeks:)

No particular order:)

1. Melissa Newell's insanely amazing Annual Easter Egg Hunt for 75 people! Peep themed perfection. I am in love with the adorableness and the sense of family fun this brought. Very special. And cute!


2. J. at Your Service's Super Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party for her beautiful boy.
This one had style and sparkle. So many astounding little details. You can feel the amount of love and talent that went into this little gamer's dream. I am cray over the huge toy capsules. I went weak over the kid's dining table set up. Simplicity is the new overworked.


3. Party Pinching's Cosmic Cupcake Tutorial for Little Debbie
Norene astounds with her tiny food talents. We are all totally used to her dishing out the fab on a daily basis. Not sure how she keeps coming up with these ideas!. When I saw this insanely simple, yet devastatingly adorable space alien cupcake masterpiece, I went weak. I needed to rest. When I came to, I had the feeling I was abducted by aliens. Of the cupcake variety. Take me to your leader. BEE BOOP BEE BOOP


4. I Do Invitations by Michelle~ Cami's Rainbow Dash Pony Palooza
Everything about Cami's 5th Birthday Party makes me smile. The bright, vibrant styling and every last detail is rainbow coordinated. I fell hard for the gold doily banner. I love the banners that Piggy made. And Cami's dress was simply the cutest. Ever. I cannot believe how many years have gone by and now I am seeing this little sweetie turn 5! Shine on, sweet Pony Loving Princess:)


5. Theresa~the glam gem behind Lauren McKinsey Designs-no, her name is not Lauren..LOL!
For graciously sharing all of her newsletter secrets with me.  I am trying to get into the swing of a new system and she was beyond generous with her input, ideas and magic tricks.


6. Three Little Monkeys Studio Practical Joke Party for Reese
Everything about this party is hilarious + beautiful. Gretchen is beyond creative and a psycho with the deets. Such a gorgeous and whimsical party for her sweet little comedienne.


7. Sweet Georgia Sweet's Purple Perfection Fab Fabric Wreath
I am in lala love with this vision of plummy perfection. This is seriously how every door should greet its guests. Amazed by B's talent. Shabby chic spectac.




Melissa N. said...

Seriously girl, thanks so much for the shout out and feature! Your sparkle sacks were a HUGE hit at the party!


Michelle said...

You are the sweetest ever - so thrilled to see Cami's party in your Top 7! Thanks so much again for your fab cupcake toppers! You rock. XO

Gretchen of Three Little Monkeys Studio said...

Thank you so much for sharing, Kristy! And I am seriously crushing on Bethany's wreath. Need that in my life! XOXO