Saturday, April 5, 2014

Club Penguin Puffle Pickle Party Planning Patrol

Great goonies! I have not blogged in forever and a day, but here I am:)

My wee Chimp's Birthday is just around the corner and I have been in a crazy whirlwind to get things together. He adores Club Penguin and wants a party with a passel of penguins, Puffles and pickles. His tiny + shiny wish is my command.

Things have been a rollercoaster ride of emotion and unknowns over here for the past few months-I won't get into the deets. I am just rolling--trying to embrace every single day with my Chimps and to be present. Striving to always be present and try not to sweat or stress over the small, insignificant things.

Just posting pics today of a few items that I have already purchased.

I am a lover of handmade and usually make my boys' invitations. This year he fell hard for an etsy printable design. I could not recreate an even remotely similar or as adorable design, so I purchased them, printed on premium cardstock and assaulted them with glitter:)

I also purchased some colorful, handmade Puffles on etsy. Chick design skills + talent simply were astounding.

His "Birthday Outfit" is a Puffle tee from Zazzle that I am sure he will pair with wrinkled cargo shorts. LOL! Kid has swag and style.

There is no prize for making every party item by yourself. No DIY honor roll. No awards for how many Pinterest ideas you put into party play. There is no crime is getting help when you need it. Parties are to celebrate the beauty and joy that a person has brought to everyone's life. To celebrate how grateful and lucky we are to celebrate a birthday with those we love. Happy you are here.

Any party-anything you do or do not do-as long as it makes your child happy on his special day-is the right party. Big-small-handmade or store bought. Love is what makes the perfect party.

My son is happy. Always happy. Honored to be his Mama.


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