Monday, May 6, 2013

Sparkle on a stick {cute tute}

Dazzling Monday to you...

Here is a sparkling, speedy + super easy tutorial for you to start your week of awesomeness.
Bling sticks, sparkle sticks, glittery wands, rhinestone canes, shiny poles-whatever you want to call them-they all translate to "cute on a stick."

Junk you need:

Sparkle Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon (I purchased mine from the always rad Ribbon Revelry)
Paper lollipop sticks or wooden ones would also work
Purple Glue Gun
Diet Dr. Pepper

gather stuff up, take a few pics, then sit on couch

rainbow bling ribbon dazzles 
can be found online or in your local craft store

cut ribbon into sections
I found that four columns was the perfect size to wrap these sticks
I used 4" and 6" paper lollipop sticks

use full length that you just cut for 6 or 8 inch sticks
cut  piece in half to use for the 4 inch sticks

use purple glue gun to squeeze some glue all around the stick
wrap ribbon around stick, hold for a few seconds to set, burn fingers, release

completed sparkle sticks elevate donut holes from a box;)
totally heart entenmann's

my Lova, Audrey, blinged up her shimmery cake balls for her
little lady's Golden Birthday

drink a Diet Dr. Pepper and relax the rest of the day~
you made something cute and deserve to chill:)


SwishDesigns said...

Love the tutorial!!!

Susan @ Oh My! Creative said...

Oh my! I love those...I love my bling!

Bellenza Bistro said...

Can just see this cool 'bling' used in so many party ways! Thanks!