Monday, April 1, 2013

Ode to the Fake Cake...


Come on, you seriously did not think I was going to bake junk?!

Here is my cute tute to make a fakey cake or cupcake. It's no secret that there is quite a bit of smoke, mirrors and serious editing involved in party photography in general.  Photographing printable designs, handmade products and adorable partyware often requires a cake or cupcake to use as a prop to showcase the party goods. Constantly baking or buying baked goods is a drag, expensive and not convenient. At all. This is an easy was to create some permanent, reusable props that can be used for about a mil different ideas. I have gotten many compliments on how cute my cakes look in my shop photos-tee hee. One person/pig who knows my secret often tries to blackmail me with the knowledge that I roll with fake cake photography.

Enjoy the tute, dear reader~I want you to showcase your stuff in fabulous fakey style. Send pics so I can feature them and we can trick people together. Life is good. Happy people make cuter stuff:)


lightweight spackle
any size or shape/kind of sturdy box, hat box
frosting knife
plastic baggies or frosting bags (if you roll pro style)
cupcake baking cups (not flimsy ones)
food coloring if desired
sequins, sprinkles, beads or any other "topping" you desire
newspaper to protect work area
paper bowls to mix up fakey frosting
diet dr. pepper and jelly donuts to enjoy whilst working hard

gather supplies while talking on the phone

make sure you use LIGHTWEIGHT spackle 

use sturdy boxes or cups
recycled envelope box, small hat box purchased at craft store
large baking cups to be used for fake cupcakes 

prep workspace with newspaper...or kohl's flyer;) 

place spackle in small bowl and stir until smooth and frosting consistency 

dive right in and get to frosting-it really is fun!
you can go over the same spot many time and arrange the swirls any way you like
or make a totally smooth cake 

continue frosting cake, make sure you cover the corners areas well + thickly 

TA DA!!!! ALA KA-ZAM, it's a sham!

 another batch with some food coloring

 was going for lav, got a not so cute peri-whatevs
you can use a butter knife or put your "frosting" in plastic baggie or frosting bag to ice cupcakes as you normally would 

fill base with the mixture, then finish off top in any way you choose
looks good enough to eat

add sequins, beads, sprinkles or anything else while frosting is still "wet" so it will set up with your items

 I call this....Two Fakes on a Countertop

when your fakes are fully dry and hardened (about 24 hours)
you will be able to add cupcake toppers, flags, etc.
the fake cake will be hard and you will need to punch a hole first with a nail
or paper piercer to get through the frosting and box, then you can insert your desired prop


joanne said...

i love this and need to do this! i have shown fake cakes at parties before. to hav ethe illusion of a bog cake more than needed to serve by using styrofoam. hehe

Lori said...

You are too much! But this is a great tutorial. I need to make a few faux cakes for photo shoots and now I know how!


Donna said...

That is super awesome! I've always wanted to try that.

Piggy Bank Parties said...

Sham Dawg comes clean. Fabulous.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!...question the Spackle strong smelling? Could you add clear vanilla or something to make it smell good?