Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Magical Mayhem Update...

So...I am in the midst of Magic Mayhem...In addition to my son's birthday party on Sunday, I will be having some truly awesome house guests for the weekend..So..I hot glue something, then I clean a toilet. Hang a banner, then wash some dishes. Glitta Mama is busy. Very.

Just wanted to do a quick Wednesday afternoon recap of the magical sneaks I have posted to keep you up to date;)

Hope all is dazzling. Cannot wait to show you what I have up my purple sleeves.

POOF! I'm gone...back to the magic wands and seldom used vacuum:)  HOLLA CLEAN YOUR HOUSE ONLY BEFORE PEOPLE ARE COMING OVER! Come on, you know that's funny. xo

an invite to the magic

envelope adorableness

magician scarves can make a serious, silky statement)

sequins are simply spectac

yes, I really do count my emergency guest bathrrom painting to avoid public humiliation
a part of my psychotic party planning process

carrot holder cuteness
15 cents on clearance
HOLLA rabbit party AFTER Easter score!

white rabbits~glam glitta style

 of course I bought custom iridescent rainbow napkins and guest napkins 
you know how Glitta Mama rolls...

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Bellenza Bistro said...

You are too hilarious...and way too creative and talented and loving! At least there's magic in the mayhem!