Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cupcake Stand Swagger...

Ah...the cupcake...perfect little ratio of cake to frosting in a cute little package. Cupcakes are easy, delicious and rule the dessert table. Cupcake stands are always a dramatic + adorable way to display the goods. I have two large PB stands that I use over and over and over again at my parties. They take up less real estate on a table and can hold many dry cupcakes that I usually am serving over here;) Embellishing a cupcake stand can add more visual interest and spice up your plain stand collection. Use your imagination and fall in love all over again with your plain vanilla junk.
Here are some ideas to add some swagger to your stands...If you have done a fab rendition, link it below~we all need ideas to steal;)

add fringe festooning for adorableness

and...if you ever wanted to know how to make your own dazzling stand...
check out this tute

If you want to show off your skills + ideas~please link below:)


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~Only link to your own work + designs.
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Roxana Vera said...

Super cute! Love the cupcake stand from Wilton cake pans. Who'd have thunk it?

Donna said...

I posted a recipe. Hope that it is ok. Cute blog.

mindy starr cone said...

Stefani of LaBelle Parties shared this tutorial as a guest post on my blog a while back! still one of my favorites!


Birds Party said...

Love this! Linking my DIY Xmas stand ;)

Cake Stands said...

I liked 3rd one a lot..First I thought that its doll house;) but after that i realize that no its cake stand. Awesome stand guys and that 3rd one is looking too good .