Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Donkey Kong APE-ril Rave

Tiny Cake Cuteness

My little chimp just turned 7. He adores all things Donkey Kong. And bananas. Lucky for me, his birthday is in APE-ril:) I created a this sweet charmer to celebrate our funny little boy with the eternal ketchup ring around his lips. Love you so much Honey Badger.

I am indie. I love the unexpected. Gavin chose a Donkey + Diddy Kong paper plate pattern and I worked from that starting point. I did not want to recreate any of the characters on partyware, so I picked elements form Donkey Kong to make it all cohesive + clever. Lots of bananas, barrels, ladders and neckties.

I mixed it up with an unexpected ruffled backdrop for the dessert table. The ruffles mixed in with matte gold accents, crates, monkeys and glittered bananas made for a beautiful backdrop while still keeping the boyish vibe + charm.

I created a treats and trinkets favor station to resemble an actual Donkey Kong game! A baker's rack, ladders and barrels set the stage for an adorable favor presentation.

Activities were the highlight of the day. Donkey Kong wears his signature "DK" on his necktie. The little chimps all made their own neckties with their initials:)

You heard of the Kentucky Derby? Well, we had a serious Banana Derby. It was the cutest thing. Ever.

Enjoy the pictures. I hope you can find some inspiration. Not a picture perfect party, but a real one with serious love. It was a shiny happy day. My chimp was beyond happy. His besties were thrilled. We are honored to be his parents and overjoyed to celebrate his Lucky 7th Birthday.

Dining table set-ups
Simple, but adorable centerpieces make an impact.
Colored confetti mixed in with shiny gold pieces.

Cupcake Liner Wreath to welcome guests.

Simple gold napkins jazzed up with gold monkeys 
and happy festooning.

Character plates mixed in with simple ideas make a
sweet table setting.

Drinks in little barrels. Clever, no?

My Chimp getting tatted up:)

Donkey Kong is known for his signature necktie with initials "DK."
Each kid made their own necktie with their initials and other
jazzy designs. Easy and super cute.

Tie picture taking time...Kind of a bunch of wild monkeys 
not really into to posing..LOL

They were all doing Ape calls and pounding of the chests..LOL

King of the Apes

 Banana Derby Time. You read that right. 

 Check out my racer-it's way faster than yours:)

We rolled in heats of four:)

The racing was intense.  

Cutest. Ever.

Watch out for banana peels:)

 Dessert time.
Banana splits, tiny cupcakes and milk in mini jugs.

 Donkey Kong's kid, Diddy Kong, always sports
a red baseball cap, so I used red baseball helmets to serve
the sundaes in:) 

Why, yes, that is a Glittered Sno Cone cup on Kong's Head:)

Tiny burlap canvases.

It's all about the gold.  

Tiny gold, glittery flags on baby cupcakes.

A crown fit for a Chimp. 

Mini ice creams spoons with glittered handles. 

 The treats and trinkets favor display. I tried to make it look like
a screen shot from the video game with levels, ladders, barrels
and Donkey Kong figurines.

Gavita Bananas.
Clever, no?

These banana boxes rocked. my. world. 

 Lollipop Girl strikes again.

The Donkey + Diddy Lolli adoption barrel:)

 Donkey + Diddy Bottlecap Necklaces

Banana Boxes Packaging Perfection 

Plain kraft bags snazzed up with some fun fringe. 

Yes, that is marker on his face. No comment.

My heart and soul.

Gorilla Guest Book. Please sign in. 

Make a wish.

The Little Chimp a/k/a King of the Dessert Table

The Girls with the Goods:
Amazing + Adorable Gavita Banana Boxes~
Do {Piggy Bank Parties}
Gorgeous + Glittery Crown for The Ape King~
Natalie {The Knock Knock Factory}
Ridic Painted Peg Doll Donkey Kong~
Jenny {Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line}
Whimsical + Wild Donkey + Diddy Kong Lollis~
Leanne {The Whimsical Boutique}
Creative + Charming Cupcake Liner Wreath~
Kristin {Stampin' Fanatic}
Baby Kraft Cups + Tiny Milk Jugs + Bamboo Spoons~
Suzanne {Garnish}
Consultant for my Crazy Ideas~
Brittany {Grey Grey Designs}


Magnolia Creative Co. said...

I wish I had been there! It looked awesome and so much fun!!! Incredible bananas glittery fun to the max!

Bird said...

You've gone bananas!! :D
Another cracking party!! full of loving and lovely details!! The backdrop is GENIUS, the glittered bananas, those banana boxes, the favors rack with all the fab ladders and details...smiling from ear to ear! Oh and the gold crate boxes!!! MAGIC and adorableness all in one!!

Happy Birthday to your little chimp!! :)

Kathy - Tickled Peach Studio said...

Love every detail! I giggled when I saw the Banana Derby. Looks like this party was a blast!

Piggy Bank Parties said...

Just Bananas. Party Perfection. LoVe.

Sweet Georgia Sweet said...

This is one fabulous party! Your talent is out of this world! Cute kiddos, too!

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

Amazing. Hilarious. Fun. Adorable. Creative. Love the chimps on the favor station ladder. I could go on but it would be too long. Huge success!

Michelle said...

WOW. Amazing! What a lucky little guy to have you as his crafty + clever mama. Love. it. all. You rock! Happy Birthday Gavin!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

This is so perfect I wanted to jump through my iScreen :). You know you know how to throw
a rave!!! The banana derby... I DIE!!!

The Flair Exchange- Formerly Pom Flair said...

Glittery and Grand! The picture of your boys together is precious.

Adriana said...

Awesome party! I love all the details. I just can't get over the banana derby, that’s priceless!

Brittany Schwaigert said...

First and most importantly, the pic of G&G is PRECIOUS. Handsome boys, momma!
Second, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This party is ridiculous! Banana derby? Banana split bar? Glittered ladders!?!??!?! Dying over the "levels and ladders" set up! You rule. That is all.

Whimsical said...

You have honestly outdone yourself with this one! Perfection down to the very last detail. Your chimps are going to have the best memories as adults of all the magic you created in their lives for them. Amazing talent! Awesome party!

Dorangela said...

Love it! Girl you knocked it out of the park! What a blessed cute little boy!

Jennifer ~ BellaGrey Designs said...

LOVE it all!!! Great Job!!! I can't even begin to tell you my favorite part!!

DessertsandDesigns said...

Wow! Such an amazing job, loving the banana derby and favor setup...genius! Looks like you had one happy birthday boy!!!

Dina - Deliciously Darling Events said...

AWESOME!!!! Pugs, you seriously nailed it! From the ladders & banana boxes to the gold monkeys on the napkins. I loved every detail. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the banana racing. Happy Birthday to Gavin! <3

J. At Your Service said...

So fun!!! I freakin' LOVE those helmets for sundaes.... awesome! You glittered bananas! Holy cow :)

Great Gatherings said...

LOVE! The end.

Party Box Design said...

great party lady, super original and totally you!!! looks like the kids had so so so much fun!

Love & Sugar Kisses said...

Oh my holy bananas!!! Absolutely fabulous too many awesome details to even mention!!! But by the time I got to the bakers rack I was done!!! Love everything!!

Jen @ Party Dreamz said...

Adorable!! Your boy is one lucky kid!! Awesome job!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

This is why we are only planets orbiting around The Purple Sun...I absolutely loved the favor display! And yes, those banana favor boxes rock!

one stone events said...

unbelievable party, pug!! the small details, the favor station-those banana boxes and concept...banana derby-what?? the love shines through!
i just love it! and your boys are beautiful. happy birthday, gavin!

Pink Peppermint Paper said...

Banana derby? One of the many that I love you. Oh, and don't get me started on the Garnish with the monkeys and banana runts. Remembering everything I'd forgotten about Donkey Kong. Fantastic, K!


Kerry said...

So cute! Absolutely love ALL the details, especially the favor display straight from the video game. Another Fabulous Job!!!

Tini Posh said...

Your boys are so handsome!! LOVE all the details!! The favor station, banana derby (how fun!!!), banana splits! Everything looks amazing like always!

Susan @ Oh My! Creative said...

Very cute with so many great details! Those neck ties are adorable! Looks like the kids had a great time!


Sunny said...

This is so adorable. The dessert table is really cute but I love the way you arranged the treats to look like a screen shot of Donkey Kong. Brilliant. I want those Banana boxes.

Unknown said...

Amazing! What type of fringe did you use for the gift bags? Its the perfect way to dress up a plain bag, I love it!

Ebony of Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC. said...

Crazy Sexy Cool! I die.... Such a cute party for such a handsome little guy! So glad that he had a very special birthday party. I love the picture of your boys...I can feel the love! :)


Susan Crabtree said...


Party Wagon said...

So much fun! And, so much time and effort on each little detail! I love your "indie" ideas- that's what makes it so fabulous! Great party!!

DGBofTTFT said...

Total awesomeness!!

Angela said...

Just now catching up on FB posts! Love how everything turned out. So many creative/cute details! The sundaes in the baseball hats, the wicked cool favor display! Such fun!

Garnish said...

Okay - I don't even know where to start! Gavita?! Love it! Banana Derby?! Love it! Gold monkeys?! Love it! Love it all!! Such a great job Kristy. I swoon at all your details :-)

Natalie {the knock-knock factory} said...

Clever and glittery as always. LOVEx1000

Garnish said...

Wait - is that a gold monkey or...brass monkey, that funky monkey?!

Malu Boutiques said...

OMG! This is by far the most creative glittertastic party!!! I love all the details you always put in your parties. Glad to see your chimps HUGE smile. xo

Gwynn @ Gwynn Wasson Designs said...

OH MY! This party is banana-rific perfection! I LOVE the dessert table. The backdrop was pure inspiration. And love all the glittery fabulousness and the activities... AMAZING! The banana derby is genius!

Talia said...

This party is really really nice. You little boy is very fortunate. Love it.

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Scrolling through this fantastic party, I kept telling myself I'd comment on this and this AND this! So I had to give up, and must say I'm in awe of ALL the fun details. Without a doubt, a party planned with LOTS of LOVE!

Chloe Crabtree said...

Oh my goodness, I am amazed at the detail. I especially loved the ties, and each child decorating his own tie!

Victoria Mische | Your Chair Covers said...

I found so many cute and wonderful birthday inspirations here. Cant get over with the treats and trinkets favor and I'll surely say that if I would made such kind of delights, my kids will definitely like them!

Christine {Pure Joy Events} said...

Just brilliant! Love the video game inspired favor display.