Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snow Bro Rave:)

Few things, besides bananas, excite my sweet Chimps in the morning like hearing those two awesome words~ SNOW. DAY.

The giddy happy elation that follows is always a perfect reason for an impromptu celebration.

Why not throw a tiny + effortlessly cool Snow Day Rave? Snowballs, a mountain of cotton candy snow, an adorbs paper snowpeep banner, a simple DIY Snow Bros craft and some laughs are all anyone needs to spend a cozy day at home avoiding school. And housework;) Parties trump vacuuming. Always.

DIY Snow Bros pet snowball tutorial coming tomorrow.

Special thanks and moonlight skate to Bird's Party for the ridic Snowman printables that I fashioned into paper snowpeople dolls and assaulted with glitter;)

Pet Snowballs are the cutest + easiest. Ever.
Snow Bros

Any design can be made into a paper doll chain~attached with brads.
Adorbs and super simple. Ribbon around the house used as additional garland.
Printable design by my Lova Across The Pond

Since Hostess went under and I could not find actual Sno Balls~Had to make some fakeys~stunt snow balls. Don't tell anyone!

Mt. Snowmore. A mountain of cotton candy about to be scaled by the Yeti. Come on, funny!

Snow Bros:)


Heather - Chickabug said...

So cute! I love the button eyes on the Snow Bros : )

Laura Aguirre said...

This is too adorable! What a fun Mom you are! : )

Piggy Bank Parties said...

Bumble...one of my all-time favorite characters! Just pinned the Sock Dudes tut the other day. Can't wait to see the Sno Bros! I miss Sno Balls.

Cheers a Party! said...

These are so crazily cute!

Birds Party said...

Tiny and cute raves are always the best kind! And yes, trumps vacuuming any day! :D

LOVE the play on words, and the assaulted peeps look sooooooo much better! Thanks you for including them in your fun-fulled rave!! ♥