Friday, October 28, 2011

Step Right Up! Carnival Block Party {Ridic + Real Party Feature}


Happy Friday:)
Today, featuring a beautiful and bubbly vintage carnival block party. Nothing sweeter than to gather up your fam and neighbors and to head to the local Carnival-right outside your front door:) Each neighbor set up a game or activity station in front of their own home-everyone was in on the carni fun!

This charming carnival concept was styled by the fab Doranglea {Two Prince Bakery Theater}.
I adore the vintage vibe and the red + blue color palette. Details are amazing and gorgeous to gaze upon.

My fave deets: The prize table is beyond adorable and I know the kids must have flipped. I am also in love, the serious kind of love, with those little clown face marshmallows. Too sweet to eat. Almost;)

Fabulous job Dorangela. Beautiful + inspiring carnival and what an amazing neighborhood you are a part of.
Full deets right here.

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Adriana said...

So adorable, I love the colors!