Friday, March 12, 2010

recycled kraft envelopes and wraparound labels

I adore recycled kraft envelopes. Unexpected, eco-conscious and understated chic. Perfectly charming envelopes to mail out the Super Grover Invitations. I designed and created these wraparound labels because I had to have them and I have zero patience and I waited until the last minute to figure out what I actually wanted to do! I stumbled upon them on etsy. Alas, the fabulous seller could not do a custom coordinating design for several days. I winged it, worked a little magic and came up with a design which, I think, is absolutely adorable and the perfect finishing touch for my boy's invitations. I already got an order for them too;)


Candy and Cake said...

Love these!!!

Amy S. said...


The Purple Pug said...

Thanks! I think they are awesome..My current label crush:) and so easy to make!