Friday, August 17, 2012

The Kitch Reno Reveal...

So. The Kitch Reno of 2012 is dunzo. Just a few little accessories and accents pieces left to go, but the major work is complete. I am giddy happy.

This was a fascinating and intense process for us. Reno research and education was fast and furious. Overall,  I designed a kitchen that reflects us and just makes us happy. A few missteps and bumps along reno road, but all in all, a dazzling dream come to life. No redos in life or kitch renovations, so onward and upward and no looking back. And no looking at the $800 worth of tile sitting in my garage that was a poor choice, unusable and nonreturnable...Come on, funny. Kind of.

Here are the BEFORE pics

Clearly, Glitta Mama loves the sparkle...This kitch is not for the faint of heart. It is serious shades of charcoal + gray, many glittering + sparkling elements, carnival and luster glass here and there, stainless steel everywhere and deep, jewel toned accents all about. Def not your typical kitchen. And I. love. it. I come downstairs every morning and I cannot believe it is mine.

My husband just wants to make me happy. Happy wife=happy life. I love and adore him to the moon and back. And...I may just cook him something in that fancy purple pot. Maybe;)

Fifty shades of gray and sparkle

 New fireplace surround tile is slate and
 iridescent rainbow harlequin tile:)

New are rug for family room. Love this! 
Soft on the tootsies.

 New sliding glass doors out to upper deck.

 The new kitchen and family room are a large, open concept design.
The entire space is the length of the house. You can see end to end.
Adore the open feel.

New gray dining set, custom color + upholstery. Boat shaped. Can seat ten.
I needed a larger table because we ditched the
dining room. 

Platinum silk drum shade chandy over the dining table. 

Two crystal chandys hang above the island for
sparkle, drama and a soft element amongst the
wood and stainless.  

Sink is bumped out to add visual interest to the 20 foot long run. 
FLOR rug tiles. Wicked cool and versatile.
These were a perfect solution for me to bring my colors
into the gray, neutral space. Spicy:)

Gray hardwood floors throughout the first floor now. Satin finish. 

The island. 10 feet of glittering gray quartz. I die. 
 A big, sparkling centerpiece for the new space.  

All cabinetry is charcoal gray. All have pull out drawers.
These talls ones are a pull out pantry and a broom/Swiffer space.

Crown + bottom molding on the cabs makes them jazzy.

Pullout spice rack. Salt, pep, glitta:)

The length of this cabinet/counterspace/backsplash
is 20 feet long! 

 My sweet new purple lova.
Convection oven.

 I love anything iridescent. I collect carnival glass.

 Four swivel stools for the diner;) 

Oh yes I did. 
The Chimps + Co. seriously fight over who gets to ring
the "food's ready" bell. Order up!

The new view from the front door. One large entryway. 
Other entrance is now a closed up wall.

Added some vibrant throw pillows that catch your eye
as you enter the house and coordinate with the kitch jewel tones.
These couches are 20 years old! 
New pillows made them look like a mil.

Rainbow iridescent range backsplash

Quartz is the new granite. Trust.

I get weak in the knees when I see this backsplash.
The rest of the kitch is a stainless subway tile backsplash.

Of course I have chandys in the kitchen.
Because I love them. And they make my heart happy.
I die every. single. time. I see them. 


Craft That Party said...

Wow, wow, wow, and wow. Looks like something out of a magazine. Love it, it's so very you and so cool and unique!

Anonymous said...

Heart the kitchen that is soo puggy!! Jes

Tini Posh said...

LOVE it!!! Everything is gorgeous. Love the gray cabinets, backsplash and dying over your chandis! I am totally jelly : )

DessertsandDesigns said...

Everything is soooo stunning! I am loving all of the beautiful details, congrats and enjoy!

Catherine Joy said...

You know I adore this kitchen! Totally original just like you. My favorite though... is that gorgeous show stopping range hood and backsplash! I nearly died when I saw sneaks of it!! LOVE happy for you! Now I think you need to have a kitchen I come from...they are quite a wild party! LOL!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

It all looks amazing!!

Sweet Georgia Sweet said...

Oh, it is gorgeous! I love the stainless steel subway tiled backsplash & the dual chandeliers the most! And your counter & cabinet space is fabulous!


Brittany Schwaigert said...

You made the right decision with the range backsplash. It is to die for. I love that this could be NO ONE ELSE'S kitchen. It screams your name. I am completely and utterly jealous!

Aunt Lori said...

Unbelievable! So classy and designed beautifully. Your next job will be a designer. Love, love the blacksplash expecially under the hood. xo

Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

Wow! You brought the glitter to the kitchen. LOVE! The chandys are to die for! I want some now :) I bet your house feels brand new now :)

Natalia said...

It looks amazing. The range backsplash is a DREAM.

I love the you know exactly what you like. I am Jelly that you get exactly what you like;)

Congrats on the new kitchen!!!

btw...salt, pepper, glitter sounds like a tagline. love it.

Joanne said...

Dang glitter girl! I thought I was reading architectural digest or whatever it's called. Looks beautiful! Now when can we all come over for a purple people glitter lovin pachanga???

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Ok. Can I am moving in! Yes I am! I am LOVING your Kitchen girl! Amazing job...the colors are fantastic-- they make me just smile from ear to ear!

Bellenza Bistro said...

That irridescent mosaic tile is fabulous...and so retro '60s!

Missy said...

What is the name of that quartz? I fall more in love with it each time I come back to this post and think I want it for a small counter going in to the addition we're adding to our house this winter

Missy said...

What is the name of that quartz? I fall more in love with it each time I come back to this post and think I want it for a small counter going in to the addition we're adding to our house this winter

Kristy {the purple pug} said...

Hi Missy.
It is Cambria Minera from their Jewel Collection. Has silver glitter in it:)

Missy said...

Thank you! I've ordered a sample from Cambria and found a list of local dealers. now to wait patiently to see my sample in person. (and I don't know why it double posted my previous comment, I swear I wasn't being impatient for your answer!)

Unknown said...

I am in kitchen love!!! Wow Kristy... *swooning*

kmg said...

love your floors- did you finish them or who makes them

BTBacker said...

Can you tell me what finish these cabinets are? I'm designing a kitchen now, and these are exactly what I'm after!