Thursday, February 16, 2012

Runny Babbit Pirthday Barty {Ridic + Real Party Feature}

Q: What's black + white with glittery purple accents all over? A: The sweetest + most charming party. Ever.

The clearly clever + creative Christine {Desserts & Designs} styled this charmer for her little bunny's 2nd Birthday. Inspired by the brilliant book, Runny Babbit, by Shel Silverstein, Christine designed an original + beyond beautiful little party that simply makes me giddy.  I adore the black + white mixed in with the glittery purple accents. In love with the carrot usage. I die over the glittered animals. I am swooning {and I don't swoon}over the simple charm + cleverness of this real party. I can feel the love + thought that went into this one. Honored to have had a small part.

See below for the dirty deets as told by Christine.

In Christine's words:

I planned my daughter's second birthday party based on the book Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein.  The book is about a bunny rabbit "who lives down in the green woods" "where they say things in a different sort of way", "instead of saying purple hat they all say hurple pat".  I loved the book and thought it would be a fun and unique theme for her party.  Since the book is in black and white I wanted to use this for the color scheme, but I still wanted it to be appropriate for a little girl so I brougt in the purple and added some sparkle! I set up different areas based on some of the different stories throughout the book.  We had some of the daughter's of our close friends over for lunch and some crafts.  The girls got to make button bracelets and decorate sock Runny Babbit at the Runny Garty Pames and Crafts station.  They each had a lunchbox at the Runny Loes to Gunch table where they enjoyed beanut jutter & belly sandwiches (pb&j), caw rarrots (raw carrots & ranch), luit feather (fruit leather), with mocolate chilk (chocolate milk) & jerry buice (berry juice) to drink.  For dessert I made mini cayer lakes (layer cakes), cugar sookies (sugar cookies) and pollilops (lollipops). A Runny Bets Geautiful table was set up with personalized favor bags and items to fill them with including gubblebum (bubblegum) necklaces, pail nolish (nail polish) and giploss (lipgloss).


Styling/Design - Desserts & Designs
Desserts - Desserts & Designs
Cupcake/Cake Toppers/Banner - The Purple Pug
Lollipops - Vintage Confections
Birthday Shirt - Sweet Threads Clothing Co.
Favor Bags - Perideau Designs
Chevron Table Runner - A to Zebra Celebrations


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

What an adorable party!
We love Runny Babbit too :)

DomesticatedMama said...

Absolutely adorable! What a fun, unique theme!!

Pom Flair said...

Great theme. Poms on the floor rock!

Tini Posh said...

Love all the details! Such a cute and clever theme!

Renee | About a Bugg said...

Love it - the colours are fabulous, the details divine!

Bird said...

I know the purple just catches you eyes!! Totally cute adorableness! :)

Unknown said...

This party's B&W with purple touches is really striking and pretty! Also...a fan of Shel Silverstein... but I wasn't familiar with Runny Babbit!! Soooo going to check it out for my lirlies at the bibrary... and then we're making pock suppets!!! Love it!