Monday, August 15, 2011

The Pigeon Party {showing some love for NYC + the dirty bird}

The NYC Pigeon gets no respect. Dirty Birds. Flying Rats.
My little chimps are in love with the Pigeon series of books by the brilliant Mo Willems. They are ridiculously silly, a little fresh, but also quite charming.
Pigeons are indeed dirty urban beasts, but in stuffed animal form, I think they are kind of cute:) And lovable enough to plan a party around them.

I Seriously Heart New York. I am a lova of all the beauty and dazzle our city has to offer. I could think of no more fabulous reason to have a party- to celebrate serious New York love + adoration with a dash of pigeon:) Come on, you know it's funny.

Some very special guests were invited for a breakfast rave. It was a rainy Sunday morning-had to pull everything inside that morning. It was funny + sunny inside and  a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning with adorable people we love so much.

As the 10 Year Anniversary of September 11, 2001 approaches, our brave + resilient city is always on our minds and the beautiful people we lost are always in our hearts. We will never forget. Ever.

Enjoy the Pigeon Palooza. Come on, it's really funny:)

the breakfast spread
backdrop of the NY Times + colorful tissue tassels

adult dining table place settings
amazing pinwheels made from NYC subway maps

NYC subway map adds cuteness

kid dining table
NYC traffic jam down the center of the table

kid table
trafffic jam
ribbon embellished white old school paper plates
NY Times place mats

the set up in the kitch

pinwheel display

the guard of the cream cheese and butter
ridic pigeon perfection

pigeon book
we heart Mo Willems

cutie pie:)

pinwheel garland of NYC subway maps

bagels, black and white cookies, cereal, fruit + donuts

custom colored spoons
I know-like I have nothing better to do;)

 the iconic Greek coffee cup
if you are a NYer-you know
served juice, coffee and milk in these

cake balls Kristy style=Munchkins impaled with paper straws

muffins with cupcake toppers
ridic NYC designs by the
dazzling + dynamite

cereal served in NYC garbage cans:)

My beloved shopping cart
The pigeon guards the healthy stuff

one of the guests in the
most charming + beautiful tutu. Ever.

Yes, all of the guests had a very
special dress code:)

don't feed the pigeons!

Party People I need to thank and smooch:

concept, styling + cupcake toppers: The Purple Pug
brilliant NYC graphic designs: Eye Candy Event Details
extraordinary pinwheels + garland: Twirlie Whirlies
fondant pigeon perfection: Lynlee's Petite Cakes
astoundingly gorge tutu: Bella Ariana


readsalotmum said...

You are beyond amazing! Your party ideas totally rock!

J. At Your Service said...

Super cute! Love those map pinwheels! Very clever.

Southern Belle's Charm said...

Eyeing up the adorable details and then read your tribute - cried too! Amazing job Kristy!

Faith Gauthier said...

Wonderful themed party. Amazing job :)

Natalie said...

and this is why you are Often Imitated. Never Duplicated.

Love all around:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear Pug, you totally rock!!!

Bird said...

One of the most clever, fun and ingenious parties I've seen lately!! :D

the pigeon cracks me up!!

Adriana said...

Awesome party, I'm so in love with your little shopping cart!

Jill {peasandthankyous} said...

K I just love you!! You crack me up in the most adorable glittery way. The traffic jam on the kids table? Where do you come up with this stuf?? I love it!!

Kori Clark said...

We love the pigeon books too! SO CUTE!!

Frances Cheda said...


Pink Peppermint Paper said...

Cuteness! LOL at your homemade cake pops. Love.


Piggy Bank Parties said...

Simply LoVe.

Shawna said...

Crazy amazing detail.....oh how I would love to have your brain for a day (:

Tiffany@Fizzy Party said...

Great idea for a party, city love. Never would have thought of a NY party but then I live out here in Oregon :) The subway map on the table is perfect and a great conversation piece. The traffic jam :) and the NY times placemats, perfect for kids. The fondant pigeon ROCKS! I want one!!! I do love the Kristi styled cake balls too ha ha The garbage cans for cereal and dress code, love love. Fab party!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

adorable, clever and creative (as usual) I love your style balls -hee hee!!

Pink Laundry Events said...

Fabulous as always :)

Twirlie Whirlies said...

Just fabulous, Kristy. You are AMAZING!

Laura { Eye Candy Event Details} said...

so THRILLED that you asked me to be a part of this! I knew when talking with you about this that it would be ridic. I just never imagined how BRILLIANT it would be! So glad that this uber-ridic-talented person happens to also be my beloved FRIEND! xoxo

DGBofTTFT said...

Love, Love, Love... everything!!!! Your theme is beyond inspired and creative. Your sense of humor cracks me up!... Everything from pigeons perched on shopping carts, the tabletop traffic jam, the trashcan cereal containers, the NY Times placemats, and the impaled munchkins (hee!) are so perfect. (Great party and great way to pay tribute to your fondness for author Mo Willems and NYC!!)

Leslie said...

Adorable as always...definitely LOVING the traffic jam and the pigeon on the shopping cart. It’s touches like those that make me flip!

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

I can't believe I am just now commenting on this, but I adore this. And I HATE birds. This makes me miss my Sissy, who lives on the LES and works in Times Square. :(

Bre Entertains said...

This Party is too cute, you thought of everything! ....of course! :)

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

All the NYC touches (maps, newspaper pages, guests' "dress code," & the pigeons of course!) are just so adorable...and so well planned. Fun!

Enchanted Expectations said...

So cute and unique

mindy starr cone said...

LOVE this. you are so clever! unique parties all the way.
i love it.