Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you secretive?

Are you secretive and mysterious when planning the deets for your parties? Do you keep all the specifics on the DL or just throw them out there for public record. I have always been on Team Mystery, but now that I uncontrollably blab on this blog, I find myself giving up details and projects that I would normally save as a surprise for my guests!

On one hand, I am super excited to share my original ideas, details and crafty projects as I move along. I love coming up with unique party themes/projects and I am a detail freak - I get excited to share them with like minded party peeps who appreciate these kinds of crazy things. On the other hand, I fear that some sinister person will rip off said ideas and projects and claim them as their own-or worse- for some lame-o to race to have their party before mine using my stolen and fabulous ideas as their own. On the other hand-wait-that is three hands now? LOL! I adore the elements of surprise and wonder when people walk into a fully decked out and decorated room. I rarely let my own kids see finished party products because I love for them to be razzle dazzled on party day.

Tough call for me..Not sure if letting it all hang out before the party is actually equivalent to me stealing my own party thunder:) LOL!

What do you do?


Natalie {little shindigs} said...

somewhat secretive...I like an element of surprise. As for the other stuff- I like to share ideas but keep the really amazing ones to myself and pray that no one thinks of it before I get to debut them:)

MixMingleGlow said...

hmmm. I'd say in my heart of hearts my desire is to share, help, brainstorm, and just put it all "out there" with (and for) others. Unfortunately, over the years I have been ripped off, not credited, and some other sinister things that are not only heart breaking but also cause me to put my guard up and be a bit more cautious. While I am NOT about grandiose gestures of appreciation or hogging the limelight, I am a big believer of giving credit where credit is due. Creativity can be very personal and its unfortunate when people don't appreciate that. It is easy to get jaded and hold back, which we should definitely NOT do, because transparency (especially in blogging) is so endearing and appreciated by the majority of readers.

Melissa C said...

I'm semi-secret. My problem is I talk to much LOL

I don't blame you for keeping secrets your work is fantastic!

~Brandy~ said...

It depends on the party - I like to keep things a secret because I love surprising people - but it's hard cause I too, talk too much.

Of course - sometimes when I'm stumped I like to put "some" of my details out there and get help.

Tiffany@Fizzy Party said...

You said it all. I'm with you. I want to share but... So maybe a little tease and then show the finished product. But it's soooo hard not to share hee hee