Monday, April 19, 2010

Art - Super Grover Style, setup part three

I think I am the last person in the
free world not to try tissue poms-so here they are;)

felt capes for kids and babies

blue fur throne

art smocks ready to roll
I made that furry grover head on the
wall...looks more like a Yeti...

table confetti and centerpiece flags
add whimsy & dress up the tables

hanging decorations and good old
crepe paper streamers

paper garland made from scraps of paper
I had used for the partyware

pin the nose on Grover game

the backdrop for the little superhero/superstar

masks are ready to decorate, color and sticker up

These photos feature the amazingly charming little art studio we created for the Super Grover Rave and Artist Lounge and Disco. Yes, totally true....LOL

I transformed my basement into the activity center for the kids. We started them with superhero mask making. I also made a simple felt cape for each child, babies included! I created a photo area and it was cuter beyond my imagination:) We also played pin the nose on Grover, Hot Super Grover (instead of hot potato), then we went on to the main art painting activity. Then, the lights went out, and the dancing began....quite the rave for one in the afternoon....

Visit previous posts featuring setup part one, and part two....Stay tuned for the party in action!


Ava said...

I've tried the pom poms with streamers, and it went horribly wrong. How did you make yours? I would love to know, if you don't mind sharing please... :)

The Purple Pug said...

Hi Ava! The large pom poms or the ones on the buffet tables? Just let me know and I will help in any way I can:)

Ava said...

The large ones you have hanging. Thank you so much for the help! :)

The Purple Pug said...

Here is the basic tutorial I used..

I used 8 full sheets of tissue paper. When assembling I found it was easier to pull a few sheets from the top, flip it over and pull a few sheets from the bottom, flip it again..It kept them more round. They were not hard, but I do not think mine came out perfect..LOL! Send pics if you make some....

Davis said...

Where did you get the artwork for the cutouts and streamers. The super grover face and the G with the lightening bolt through it? My son wants a super grover with batman (haven't figured that one out yet) 3rd birthday party in April. Thanks for the ideas