Monday, February 22, 2010

sneak peek: the rainbow ladybug art party

handmade jar/container labels
available in my shop

Very excited about this party. Vibrant colored ladybugs, mixed with rainbows. Party will feature a fabulous artist guiding the children to create a painted masterpiece! Paint Can Party Favors include rainbow, ladybug and art inspired items. I am also going through a crazy ribbon phase, and luckily, my client is too-so these are finished off with bright, funky tied ribbons. Love this whole look. This is going to be such an amazing party for one sweet little lady.


Amy said...

Way cute! Love paint cans.

Unknown said...

Fab-u-lous! I love the colored grass in the pails! Labels are awesome, of course!

Your blogsister

Kim @

Kristy {the purple pug} said...

Thanks girls...This is going to be such a colorful party. YAY!

Unknown said...

Love it! The paint cans are GREAT!

Candy and Cake Sugar Designs said...

Love these! The paint cans are sucha great idea!

Kristy {the purple pug} said...

I thought the paint cans were just perfect for this art themed party. They turned out so cute! There are little tiny paint palettes in there too:)

Tricia said...

Love, love, LOVE the paint cans! Mind if I ask where you found them? What a great idea!

Kristy {the purple pug} said...

Hi Tricia.

Bought those online at I believe they sell them on Oriental Trading too. Good luck, let me know if you cannot find!


Tricia said...

Thanks Kristy!

I spent the whole day searching for those, with no luck...but did find them on Oriental Trading, just like you said! Thanks again.