Monday, November 2, 2009

Rebecca's "A Few of my Favorite Things" Bat Mitzvah

A cheerleading megaphone with the young lady's initials

Comedy and Tragedy Masks represent her love of Acting and Performing

13 Year Old Girl + Shopping = LOVE

This special girl also adores music

Sample of Numbered Flags to be used as Table Numbers and Centerpieces

I just finished up these centerpiece flags for a wonderful Mom and her daughter, Rebecca, who is about to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. Rebecca's theme for her Bat Mitzvah is "A Few of my Favorite Things." She and her Mom also wanted to mix in a Pink, Lime and Chocolate Brown color palette. Oh, and polka dots too! These handmade flags will be used in pink painted tin buckets for a unique centerpiece idea. Some of the flags feature table numbers, and some of them feature a few of Rebecca's favorite things, which include: Cheerleading, Drama, Music and Shopping. A girl after my own heart:) Thank you so much Judy and Rebecca. What a beautiful celebration and I am honored to have had a small part.