Monday, December 27, 2010

It all started with the pinata...A Very Colorful Christmas.

Hope your day was Merry & Bright:)

Call me Quickie Crafty Colorful Christmas Kristy.

I knew Christmas Day dinner would be at my house. I seriously had no idea what I was going to do for decorating and set up of my Christmas Day food & dining tables until last Wednesday-two days before..LOL! We went to a holiday party in my 2nd grade son's classroom and he showed us this beautiful pinata he had made the week before. I knew in an instant I wanted to use this pinata somewhere very special for Christmas.

It all started with the piñata - colorful, beautiful and created by my sweet boy. I was instantly inspired to design the Christmas Day celebration around it. was only two days before Christmas! I had to get crafty and creative-use what I had on hand- because I really would not have any time to shop for goods.
I added some streaming ribbon to the underside of the piñata and had a perfect backdrop for the food buffet table. So vibrant and so cute. My son was so excited!

Do not ask me how, but I stumbled upon this beautiful and fabulous branch idea, here. This crafty chick used high class felted balls for her project, but Crafty Kristy had no time and had to use the cheaper second cousin-the value pack of craft pom poms...Branches came from my front yard. They looked adorable as the centerpiece for the appetizer table. I also used aforementioned craft poms to create a holder for the napkins for that table.

I knew I would be using white dishes on the dining I designed a quick scape with pops of color. I also took craft pom poms and hot glued them onto beautiful pink/white baker's twine and made little pom pom garlands for my mini Christmas trees. I used two of the trees with the pom/twine garlands as the centerpieces for the dining table. I also wrapped each guests white salad plate with a different color of twine and attached a simple name tag that I added a little bling too:) The place settings were all different and colorful and made everyone happy.

I had made snow buddies with my son's class on Wednesday and we had made some extras at home, so I used them near the window for added cuteness and color.

I smiled looking around the room. Brilliant colors, a perfect tissue paper piñata my boy had made, ribbons, pom poms, twine, white ware, a little bling, and charming little snowdudes my guys had made.  Colorful Christmas tables-ready to spread the love and happiness on Christmas afternoon.

And then...on Christmas morning...My younger son handed us a wrapped gift..Something he had made in school. He hid it from us for weeks and he was so excited to give the present he made to me and his daddy. I opened it up and my heart just melted. It was a plate..A little plate with his picture in the middle that he had decorated with colorful tissue paper and glitter-exactly the same colors and tissue papers that his brother had used in the piñata! It was the perfect match, the final piece for our Christmas beauty that we did not even know was missing. His sweet masterpiece was the extraordinary finishing touch for our table. Such a gift. We put that right in the middle of the dining table-and that little boy was beaming.

I know this post is a little bit "chicken soup for the soul-ish," but it was just one of those beautiful moments you get when you have the honor of being a mother. It makes you realize and appreciate what is truly important. A perfectly lined up dessert table is fab. A table where there is heart, love and soul is way beyond fab.

I am one very lucky chick.

 the piñata that inspired the day

craft pom pom branches 

the food buffet table
glittered punches of color 

 def a fan of whiteware

 buffet table

 craft poms in glass held the napkins for
appetizer table
 the dining table

 pom pom garland made with baker's twine

Each place setting featured a different
color of baker's twine from The Twinery 


added a little bling to each placecard 

twine wrapped plates were the easiest, most
colorful and adorable finishing touch to 
each place setting. 

 twine and pom pom garlands on mini trees

 little snowdude craft. so cute:)

 colorful snowflakes

 The perfect plate my little one
made for his family.
 glitter-he's his Mama's son:)

I am honest...This is what was featured on the
table after three minutes. And I loved it:)


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I love everything about your colorful Christmas!!
Sometimes the best 'parties' are the ones planned 2 days before :)

Piggy Bank Parties said...

Adorable! Don't know which I love the most....piñata, trees, snow dudes, them all! And so meaningful!

Kori Clark said...

So sweet! I love those mini trees with the poms! Too cute!

Pink Peppermint Paper said...

Psychotically LOVE those twine-wrapped plates with place cards. L.O.V.E.

Jillian said...

I love what you do! Your use of color is always bold and fantastic!

Unknown said...

very cute (of course!) LOVE the poms on the trees! And the twine wrapped plates ADORE! Merry Christmas chica!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Jane said...

Oh Kristy, just looking at these pics makes me smile:)

Lauren @ten23designs said...

Love the colors!

Leslie said...

Love it! We all oooh and aaaahh over the staged tables; but sometimes the best things are those that are made last minute with just love and on-hand goods. So fantastic!

jo anne said...

i love it! inspiration comes when you least expect it!! it makes me so happy that your eyes were open to see it.

Unknown said...

See, that is why we are in awe of you, whipping this out in 2 days???

The pinata is perfect, I so love the handmade gifts! Of course, I'm going to have to share!

The Party Muse said...

So beautiful Puggy, love every little touch. The twine is fab!

Candy and Cake Sugar Designs said...

Merry Christmas! Just adore your kids christmas favorite are those fun pom adorned trees and the snowmen! Have a Happy New Year!

LilBuckarooDesigns said...

Love, love, love and I feel the love in this post. For so many obvious reasons, this is a beautiful story and it only makes your perfect Christmas decor and set up that much more perfect! I adore the pictures showing your dining table with the snow dudes on the ledge and I'm loving your twine wrapped place card idea!! Kristy- you've spent so much time crushing on everyone else, but obviously we all crush on you too! Thanks for sharing this story!

J. At Your Service said...

Love what you did for place settings! I love twine.