Friday, May 28, 2010

pony rides & pizza

Working on lots of fun & new stuff over here..Love it...Here's the handmade invitation for a very special little boy's first birthday down on the farm. Pony rides, a chicken show and petting zoo will provide the entertainment. Enough horsing around for me, back to work:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

monster jam & super grover

Captain's Log:

Tuesday morning...Both kids at up the aftermath of three months of "party stuff" all around the house:) What a whirlwind of fun, stress and glitter:) At least I have a year to recover!

Monster Jam Dirtfest is up for your viewing pleasure, HERE.

In other exciting news, Super Grover Rave is featured as Party of the Day on Catch My Party, HERE.

Moving on to lots of exciting events for other people's kids..LOL! Jordan's Caps for Sale 1st, Baby Sal's Down on the Farm 1st, Isabella's Magical Harry Potter 7th, Jacob's Pirate Palooza 1st.....

Also will be reopening my shop soon..stay tuned...surprises in store.

Monday, May 24, 2010

the monster jam dirtfest

the birthday boy driving to
get some vanilla ice cream with
rainbow sprinkles i'm sure:)
love you, buddy.

ah, the balloon wreath
first gazed upon this idea via
the fabulous Michelle,
Everyday Celebrating Blog

I actually made this wreath myself
based on the excellent tutorial
found at How Does She? Blog

if you are not up for making one, check
out Michelle's Everyday Celebrating etsy shop
she sells some amazing completed ones!

adult buffet set up.
catered from Panera. it just
rocks and i am the worst cook. ever.

drink station

kids lunch line set up
i made the paper chains that you will see
all around the joint

bright colors mixed in with the
black and white checkboard throughout

griffin looooves burger king. we got
burger king nuggets for lunch! we made french
fried and i also had individual
apple packages/caramel dippers.

french fries in checkerboard cups
ketchup serving in small condiment cups

chow time

backdrop of kids buffet were hand
glittered tires, ties on with jute

come on, you know it's way clever:) lol!

kool aid rules

birthday banner with
corrugated kraft lettering

you know mama loves to
decorate her curtains...

action outside
one of my besties "does hair"
set up a mohawks and mullets hair

checkerboard pattern and
bright colors jazzed up the
guests 'dos

super gavin:)

even the babies got in on the action

photo area. real traffic light, a steering
wheel cover and an old
gamer chair i had in the basement
served as the photo op area.
told the kids to make mean, crazy driving faces,
like daddy..LOL!

yep, he is seven!
i also used lots of fuzzy dice everywhere-
cars & trucks=fuzzy dice on the rearview mirror

the satin ribbon wreath

used lots of balloons outside
weather was pretty lame, overcast so
balloons became "matte"
very quickly..LOL!

you know mama loves
to decorate the guest bathroom:)

yes, we hired the ice cream truck to
pay a visit to the dirtfest. adults and
kids loved.

this little tent served as a rain cover
and the kids ate their lunch-picnic
style underneath

balloons blowing in the rain driven wind. LOL!

with the crazy, windy weather, I nixed my centerpiece
flags and just went with a black/white dotted fabric
runner and color coordinating confetti.

bounce house made it

whole lotta car, truck, traffic related signage

easy craft table.
make your own foam license plate

wonder who made that one?

adult party favors....i know, i

the milk and cookie bar
getting ready for dessert with
the milk truck

oil funnels:)

cookie buffet
yes, they are homemade. if my
home was at the oreo or entenmann's
cookie factory.

gourmet popcorn.
cherry, banana split, blueberry.
looked gorge.

the dessert table
my sil made the beautiful cake.
the license plate was found in
etsy shop recycledartco
they were just amazing to work with and
did not flinch at my crazy, custom
color and design requests.
i loved this license plate beyond and it
will hang in griffin's room now

black and white swirled lollipops
adorned with vibrant ribbons.

chocolate donut "tires"

pink cotton candy (griffin loves pink , so I had touches
of pink here and there)

pink marshmallows
candy krabby patties

cake is sitting on a fabric covered hat box
(found that gem at ac moore on clearance-
it was a hannah montana hat
box-so I revamped-monsta style!)

pink sprinkled donuts
assorted color coordinating candy

i made the fabric bunting banner
around the cake.
i was inspired by this gorgeous
little cake bunting on little lovely blog.
adore that blog.

pennant banner and flags on the sides
were from possibly and perhaps' etsy shop.
she is awesome, can do any color palette. she
was sweet enough to send me the extra fabric
so i could make the banner you see around the cake:)

special little table for
happy birthday time

griffin loves donuts.
pink ones, with sprinkles:)
I made his party hat- silly bandz served
as the hat topper!

good old abacus-counted to 7

tire tree

kid favor baskets

i actually whipped out the sewing machine,
blew the dust off of it and made these
fleece, car/truck pattern
"freeze pop friends"
ice pop holders to keep little hands from freezing
while enjoying an ice pop.
totally inspired and in awe of
stephanie lynn, under the
table and dreaming blog

in included a few ice pops in cellophane as well.
each kid also got
fuzzy dice
various cavity inducing candies
chinese yo-yo-love those
a toy capsule with some silly bands

the black totes were great because they
can be used afterwards too

are you one?
are you two?
are you three?
are you four?
are you five?
are you six?
are you seven?

all the kids had a blast creating a masterpiece
of our driveway. what a beautiful job they did

my baby GEM...lucky seven...
lucky mama.

The Monster Jam is officially ova! A few stressful snafus at the finish line, but all in all, it was a Dirtfest fit for a Little Prince.

I had a blast making the decorations and putting this par-tay together. If you know anything about me, you know I ADOOOORE anything handmade..Love it. Love the challenge of it and I love taking every objects and turning them into works of art. When I am out of my crafting league, I turn to etsy...I'm an etsy addict. So many talented peeps with so many unbelievable ideas! Bought several of the Dirtfest items from the etsy marketplace.

Any questions about how I made something or where I bought (lots on etsy) just let me know. Will always help a party Mama out if I can....

Enjoy the pics, keeping this post short and sweet...So many things to do-as always:)

Party on!