Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mario Kart Mustache Mania

The Mario Kart Mustache Mania & Mayhem Rave was held on Sunday. My son is a serious lover of all things Mario and nothing could be more fitting for my little sweetheart. He fell hard for the Mario Kart paper plates from Birthday Express. It all started with these paper plates. Of course, if you know how I roll, you know I had to put my own fresh + unique spin on things. Handmade, vibrant, quirky and super fun for the little gamers. There are so many Mario parties out there-I really tried my best to add some originality and charm. I def think boy parties are more challenging design wise-you have to be able to find the balance of beauty and butch:) I added a lot of color, fabric, gumball and mustache elements to put my flair and style into the design concept.
We surprised our son and his besties with a visit from the video game truck. The kids were over the moon-ecstatic. Weather was lame. Panera was late. I left way too many projects until the last minute. But none of that mattered. At all. My baby had a perfect little party. He told me it was the best day of his life. Love that kid with all my heart and soul.

The invitation with real fuzzy mustache.
And glitter:)

The set up.
I have a serious crush on Confetti System.
I toss and turn at night over how wicked cool and amazing their work is. 
I tried to recreate that vibe with my tissue tassel garlands all
over the joint. It was simple and such an impactful, colorful and
beautiful way to decorate this space. I am in love with the way it looked~
especially against the dreary, gray sky.

 The drama of the kid's dining table. The Mario Paper
Plates were my starting point for this rave. I love the
unexpected. Most Mario parties roll with red/blue/yellow. I wanted
to create something a little different. I added a whole lot
of color and patterns to the mix. I used different fabrics and patterns for each
place setting. It was dramatic and beautiful.

I decided to create on long dining table
for the 14 little gamers. It was adorable, striking and
beautiful, but totally kid friendly and very Mario-ish:)

A parade of the characters strolled down the middle of the table.
I also made confetti to add to the fun:)

I had two adult dining tables. Confetti for
funk and a centerpiece of red roses for each table.

Come on, you know that's funny.

Donkey Kong RULES!

I am a detail freak.

Note the dark gray clouds above:)

Ah...Lemonadegate. I went with raspberry lemonade.
It was an even split between lemonade lovas and haters.
It was an adorable presentation though:)

My new banner design. Holla!

Oh yes, I did. I gotta be me:)

Frap bottles and multi colored paper straws.

My baby's license plate.

Butter tastes better when shaped like a mustache:)

Showing the garage some Mario love.

Custom made welcome Knock Knock
by the ridic Knock Knock Factory

Perfect way to welcome the gamers.

 Lemonade is served.

Last minute idea I had and the chimps
went absolutely bananas over this.
 So simple, so cheap, so beautiful and EPIC FUN.

I love this memory.

The game truck arrival.

12 Seats inside-8 Players outside. Was the perfect
activity for everyone. We kept it a surprise from
everyone and they were all beyond excited:)

For vanilla, chocolate and strawberry mustaches.

Frap bottles with mustaches and rainbow paper straws.


The dessert table.
Yeah, I know...I declared the dessert table OVA. LOL.
The 6 foot tables I used for the dining tables were too narrow to handle all
the desserts and stands, so I had to switch last minute to
a dessert table set up. It was super cute and sweet.

My new cupcake topper design.

Push up containers appearance number two-
filled with kid's mix Jelly Bellies.

 Some glittered Marios mixed in with
our son's initials {GEM}

I created gumball garlands inspired by
the gumball necklace idea by my charming
girl Brittany {One Charming Party}

Magic 8 balls all over the joint. The black and
white was perfect with the Mario Kart theme and
my sweetheart is turning 8:)

The boy loves donuts.

The push up containers make an appearance as
mini fruit cups. With hairy mustaches.

Luigi's Italian Ices.
Clever, no?

Hand stamped "g"s on little wooden spoons.

Gumball garlands and tissue tassels.
In love with my own work. LOL.

What to do with the thousand silly bands in
your house that are now out of style...

My baby's cake. I added the gumballs
and I made the baby tassel garland.
So sweet. 

My Couture Carvel Cup Covers make an
appearance. I made them out of
coffee filters-dyed black.

Everyone loves Carvel.

Mario and Luigi are plumbers by trade.
The brilliant Brittany {Grey Grey Designs} had used
PVC pipes for a dessert display for a Mario
party she styled. I ripped the idea-changed it up a little
by using straight PVC pipe connectors (Griffin insisted that
they needed to be the straight ones for authenticity. LOL) I spray painted them
to coordinate and affixed clear plates to make them into dessert stands.

The boy's favorite cookie in the world.
Vanilla Snackwells.

The cookie parade.

Mini hamburger cookies for cuteness.

The long wait for dessert.

Serious anticipation.

Make a wish.

Favor table.

The Lollipop Guild.
Yes, those are lollipops.
Let me introduce you to Lollipop Girl.
Leanne over at {Whimsical Boutique}
created this astounding lollipop art. Go.

Glittered initials for my sweet, sparkling GEM.

The details on these pops are simply amazing.

Silly string to go.
Gumballs in clear, gorgeous tubes.

Gumball gorgeousness.
Clear tubes from my Garnish Girl, Suzanne:)

Magic Eight Balls to go.

The view in the loo:)

Behind the Purple Curtain:
Concept, Design, Styling and Photos {The Purple Pug}
Mario Illustration {Monkey See Monkey Do}
Knock Knock {Knock Knock Factory}
Mario & Gang Lollipops {Whimsical Boutique}
Tiny Wooden Spoons + Gumball Tubes {Garnish}
PVC Plumber Pipe Inspiration {Grey Grey Designs}
Gumball Garland Inspiration {One Charming Party}
Serious Tassel Love + Inspiration {Confetti System}


Unknown said...

LOVE IT! So many great details!!!!

Genevieve Richer said...

Can I just say... SUPER STYLING!!!! YOU inspire me DAILY!!! NO JOKE! This event is PROOF that one can pimp up a "character" party and make it totally CUSTOM! LOVING every single detail Pug but those pops???! Holy hell! lol LOVE!
Epic congrats on a job brilliantly done!
Superchick! =)

Frog Prince Paperie said...

Love it! The details are fabulous--especially like the tassles and the moustaches! :)

Hatter and Hare Events said...

The party looks amazing! And your attention to detail is inspiring...repurposing silly bands - genius!!

Southern Belles Charm said...

Great job Kristy! Love that you embraced the character and took Mario to a new level. Love every detail especially the trampoline couture!

Tiffany said...

Girl, you are amazing!!!! My son sat by me while I looked through your photo's and drooled the entire time with the comment I want that for my birthday. The kid doesn't even play video games.: ) Amazing job!

Tini Posh said...

Beyond LOVE! I am not a big fan of character parties either..but love them when creative mamas like you give them a twist and make them their own! Love the rainbow of color throughout, the tassels and of course the staches..surprising them with the game truck..was so sweet! Great job..like always!

Brittany Schwaigert said...

WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!! I love it! I love that you totally put your own spin on it and it doesn't look ANYTHING like any of the other Mario parties out there! The mustaches on everything? Dying. The Luigi's Italian Ice? Dying. The gumball garland? Dying. You kick so much ass.

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I so love the mustaches all over the joint!!!

And the Luigi's Italian Ice - could be my fave!!!

You know I love your style & your new banners - to.die!

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of the FABULOUS Brittany of Grey Grey Designs...I must say this party is AMAZING!! I'm in love with all the details! What a lucky little boy "G" is! :)

Unknown said...

You are seriously making me have to party one up you since we are doing the same thing with a game truck for the boys' Mario party! I absolutely love it and I'm sorry to say I'm gonna have to 'borrow' a few ideas. :)

mom22 said...

Absolutely amazing Kristy! What a lucky little guy!!!

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is amazing. So fun!

Pamela Smerker said...

Absolutely amazing party Pug and the fact that you took a commercial theme and made it your own totally rocks! LOVE all of the details, especially the mustaches!

Courtney {pizzazzerie} said...

HOLY Mario! This is totally 110% incredible.

Gwynn @ Gwynn Wasson Designs said...

WOW!! Unbelievable!! So many fabulous details. I was a fan before but now I have to admit I'm a SUPER (Mario) fan!! I simply can't get enough of those mustaches.

Anonymous said...

BS aside.....you really do top yourself every time! WOW. Gumball garland is FAB. And the dramatic table setting is amazing! Love love love.
Jeannette Rivas
(Blogger is strippin')

Garnish said...

I knew there was a reason I thought you rock...actually two: We both have sons named Griffin and any gal who takes the time to add a little something unexpected to the loo for a party - that's my kind of gal :-)

Thanks for the Garnish shout out!

Garnish + Enjoy,
- Suzanne

Piggy Bank Parties said...

LoVe. Big fuzzy mustache smile on this lil' piggy's face! Griffin is a lucky boy to have a mom who loves and adores him like you! You ROCK!

Pink Peppermint Paper said...

Loving the 'staches. Loving the Italian ice. Clever? Yes'm. Inspired work, as always! Pure awesome.


Jillian said...

You've done it again, Kristy. Congratulations! It's always the little clever touches that get me the most like the Italian ice (brilliant!) and all those darn cute mustaches!! I want to come to your next party.


Malu Boutiques said...

Love it!!! The Staches are awesome!!!!

Craft That Party said...

So totally fab! Your invite and THAT table-- amazing! The love you have for your kids shines {& glitters} through every detail of the party.

A Lil Something To Remember said...

Whoop Whoop DROVE straight in here from TEXAS to say this Party is ROCKIN-HAWT !!!!!

Leslie said...

Fabulous...and so different...love it!

yellow+gray said...

Love the details, the colors and the mustaches were awesome!

Brittany Egbert said...

Wow, I'm blown away by your creativity. Seriously, speechless. You're officially a gorgeous genius.
xo Brittany

Jennifer {Petit Delights} said...

Such amazing work but most incredible that you can see how much LOVE went into this party! Congratulations and Griffin is one lucky boy! Griffin's friends' moms: Be Jealous!

Adriana said...

Such a fun, colorful and creative party! You did an amazing job once again!

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Lucky little boy to have such a caring Mom to celebrate this special day. Great job!

the angry bee bakery said...

I love the cupcake tower, where did you get it?

Jen said...

My son is turning 8 and he is going to want this party :) Well done! Where did you get the milk bottles? Been trying to find them everywhere (i'm in New England too)

Miranda said...

Pug, You never cease to amaze me! This party is off the chain! I love the colors and all the creativity! WTG!

Natalia said...

you rocked it out!
another brilliant one for the PUG :)

Kristy {the purple pug} said...

Thanks for all the sweet words and support. My little boy was so happy:)
Milk bottles are Starbuck's Frappucino Bottles (Wally, Target, Supermarkets)
Cupcake/Ice Cream stands both Pottery Barn (there are similar, less expensive ones in Target and HomeGoods)

Kari Sweeten said...

INCREDIBLE party! LOVE the bright gumball garland and the mustache glasses...along with everything else! Super cool!

Unknown said...

Wow Kristy! I mean, I finally had a chance to sit down and go through the million pictures (;) and this party is super fantastic! I have never been into character plates but you showed ME and everyone else HOW TO ROCK THEM and the theme!!!! Sooooooooooooo cute and I'm sure he loved everything!!!! :)


Mayra Rivera said...

Kristy, like my son would say, You're the bestest!!! and with glitter on top...such a fab job.

Charisse - A Glitz Event said...

This was seriously out of control good!! Eb from Sparkling Events & Designs has been singing your praises to me and I know why!! Truly awesome, the details just kept growing and growing and growing. Your son and his friends must still be talking about this party. Great details, wonderful use of color. Truly a Pug Party!


City Sweet Shop said...

Wow...Kristy! Can I just say that I really, really like you! This is purple pugtastic! I love that all your parties look just like you and are so bright. Amazing!

lovetheday said...

Oh dear! That last comment was from me. My cute sis was logged in and I didn't know it.

Bear Heart Baking said...

I Love how you played on the Mustache for the party!! We are doing the Game Truck for my son's party on March 1st and have already done the Mario theme so I am focusing on a Wii theme. Thanks for sharing all your amazing details!! I Love your Blog!!

41 said...

I love your party decorations. OMG

Do you want to join my party? :)

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