Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Crazy Colorful Candy Charcuterie

Happy 2018!
Here's a nifty idea for Valentine's day, birthday, shower or any other occasion where sugar should take center stage:)
A Crazy Colorful Candy Charcuterie will be sure to delight all the littles and cause chaotic candy commotion. This is quite a statement in sugar and would make for an incredible centerpiece for any table setting.
Not into candy? This would be just as adorable and impactful as a Cookie or Fruit Charcuterie.

Beyond easy and impressive. You can do a wild, color explosion of sweets, or arrange them in a organized color sections. Symmetrical? Monotone? Ombre? Your call. Anything you ca do will be beautiful and sure to drive the kids bananas.

If you make one, send me a pic-would love to see your creativity.

Whatcha need:
A board base to display your candy-I've used a 36" wooden board from Crate & Barrel. You could actually use any platter or cutting board. Or get crazy creative and find something unexpected around your house.

Candy-lots of it. Colorful and different textures-gummies, hard, taffy, jelly beans, gumballs-you get the idea. You could certainly substitute the candy with cookies or fruit and granola for a healthier option. I'm rolling with sugar for this one:)

Cute containers, tongs and scoopers to grab the candy. You could also let the kids take home a small bag as a party favor.

World's Easiest Instructions:
Easiest idea in the world to recreate. There is no right or wrong. Have fun with it.
I have used the more stable candy as the "blocker/border" pieces. They are used to wrangle in the round candy and gumballs which will roll right off. Onto your floor. And your pug will try to eat them. I digress.

Have fun. Send me pics!

Be present with your kids. Make magic when you can. It all goes by so fast.

Wild, colorful assortment of candies. You could also roll with cookies or fruit variations. 

I used a 36" wooden cheese board from Crate & Barrel, but you can really use anything as your base.

I used the more stable candy as the "border/blocker" pieces which prevented the round candy,
jelly beans, gumballs, etc. from rolling off the set up. 

complete, cute, colorful and chaotic-the way love it

I added some amazing little origami stars into the mix for sparkle and shine.
Origami is a lost art and I simply adore it-these are from my fave origmi artist-Origami Delights.
Check out her shop for ideas and inspiration.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MEW YORK KITTY Siamese Soiree:)

I'm a big believer in throwing ridiculous parties whenever you can. Love, laughter, lunch and litter boxes are the combination for a PURRfect afternoon. 
This little surprise play date was hosted for a bunch of beautiful people I love that simply adore Siamese cats and New York. 
It was a sweet, simple, Siamese Spectacular. Over the top sequins and crystal mixed up with utilitarian yarn and crass cardboard. 

It will remain a forever memory for all those kittens that attended this cat show. And in the end, that's the way all parties should roll.

Kidhood is short and unpredictable. Make magic. Drink Kitty Piddle when you can:)

My Cat Pack that helped me pull this off~
PURRfect Posse of Fabulous:
Concept, sloppy styling and weak photos: The Purple Pug 
Terrif Tools for Food: Foodadz 
Kitten Me Signage: Creative Designs by Toni   
Freeze Pop Crochet Cozies & Brill Braids: The Krafty Korean 
Siamese Selfie Banner: Stampin' Fanatic     
Tie Dye Gourmet Marshies: Kimberley's Kitchen   

Teenie Tiny Siamese Kitties in Cardboard Boxes. Ready to adopt:)

Dining table~ Rainbow tie dyed yarn-everywhere!

Siamese Selfies. Some of the pics were actual cat pics of  the party goers' pets

yarn balls..I conned some kids into rolling the balls for me:)

doesn't everyone use kitty litter sand in their centerpieces?

place settings were simply a glittered 12x12 piece of cardstock with paper plate.
creepy, realistic mice plopped in the middle of plates:)

party favor tees
wrapped up our Foodadz in a tangle of adorable rainbow yarn

braided yarn accented the serious shine of the sequins

Why, yes, those are indeed cat toys in the table centerpiece:)

 Party goers also took home all these cat toys..LOL

fridge magnet favors-Siamese Style
The Kitty Glitter Box:)
Complete with Litter Box Scooper to get the Taffy out.
Some of the party guests that attended have a kitten named "Taffy."
Clever, no?

Kitty Piddle Soda.
Yes, it's a real thing.
Tasted like cat pee~ which actually kind of tastes like Pineapple Orange;)

The Glitter Box

Empty Cat Food Tins held the Taffy Taffy



Custom Freezer Pop Cozies prevent frozen fur:)

 Tie dye gourmet marshies make me weak in the knees

all kittens got a Mew York Kitty tee to go
custom crochet is everything.

Marshmallow Magnificence

 Six Sweet Siamese Loving Kids attended this Soiree

 Foodadz unplugged: Insane quality cutie cutlery packages with
hilarious jokes included:) 


Love, laughter and litter,