Wednesday, October 20, 2010

pug crush 3/365 {grey grey on a wednesday}

Day 3..First Wednesday of this experiment in nice.

Crush: Brittany, Grey Grey Designs

Brittany is one seriously talented event planner. She likes the challenging themes and she loves to make everything herself for the parties she styles. She is clever and finds creative party uses for everyday objects. Girlfriend can turn PVC pipe into a work of art. She is funny and wicked smart. Probably speaks with a thick Southern accent too;) I adore this chick. You will too. Oh, and purple is her favorite color. Coolest. Chick. Ever.


Brittany Fascinating Facts:

OMG you are TOOOOO CUTE! Love this idea! Here are my answers....

• favorite color? Well, PURPLE of course! All the awesome girls have purple as a favorite color.

• favorite team? I'm not really sporty, but I will have to go with my Alumnus, University of Memphis Basketball! Go Tigers GO! Plus, my hubby, who played soccer there, would want me to say the U of M soccer team, of course!

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Goat cheese. Random, I know. Why is it so good? Or maybe peanut butter.

• party trend you are crushing on? I am loving seeing all these Art parties lately. I majored in Art History, so some of these parties where they art-based are like my dream party.

• party trend you are so over? Milk shots. Seriously, I need my milk to be super cold and thinking about a warm milk shot on a buffet makes me gag a little in my mouth.

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Ooooo.....a toughie. I think it would be the paint aisle or the little wooden craft aisle. I can always think of tons of fun stuff to do with those little raw wooden shapes. Oh, and the Christmas aisles when that's applicable. But, when I am in the beginning planning stages of an event, I try to go down EVERY aisle because you never know when inspiration might strike.

• do you wear Uggs? NO NO NO. I have an aversion to them. Plus, in Memphis, it NEVER gets cold enough to wear any sort of sheepskin.

• do you really exercise? Another gigantic no. I have no idea how I lost my baby weight. As my very Southern mother says..."We don't sweat." Seriously. I like to eat oreos and watch The Biggest Loser.

• minivan or non minivan driving? Hilariously, I have a Jeep, but my husband drives a minivan! His company car is a minivan and it's SEXY because it's free.

• favorite holiday? Is my anniversary a holiday? I will count it because I get gifts. Plus, my favorite month is October and that's the month I got married. I love Christmas, but that's a pretty cliche answer.

• favorite smell? The Bath and Body Works fall candle--Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Also, coffee brewing, Aqua Di Gio on my hubs, and a clean baby right out of the bath.

• do you color your hair? No, I'm 100% natural brunette and proud of it!

• do you think you’re cool? Duh.

Please show some love for this Pug Crush:)


Cari @ Socially Circled said...

This is so great! I am loving getting to know some of my favorite peeps a little more!!

How cute is she?? Love her!!!

Cineca@ Dreamin' N Details said...

I already had a little crush totally loving her!! :)

Piggy Bank Parties said...

You made it to 3 with another Super Kool Chic! Love your crushes!

Unknown said...

Totally love this!!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I'm totally with her about needing my milk ice cold!!

Another great crush!!

Carrie @ The Sweet Spot Candy Bar said...

Adorable!! I love southern gals!! :)

Brittany Schwaigert said...

I TOTALLY speak in a big ole' Southern accent! LOL. Thanks for the love! :)

Amy said...

lol...milk shots...hilarious and totally agree!

TLF said...

Born/Raised/Current Memphian.. Go Tigers!!

Anonymous said...

SOOO with you on the warm milk Brittany... ugh! Love these posts Kristy!

Twirlie Whirlies said...

I am totally crushing on these crushes! Looking forward to tomorrows!

Kori Clark said...

SO cute! AGREED on the Southern Girl Comment!

The Party Muse said...

So glad to be introduced to your fabulous work via Ms. Pug! After tearing through your blog, I'm so impressed with all your craftiness : ) I'm proud to say I'm fan #100! Congratulations and much more success :)