Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sugary Sweet & Hand Stamped Tuesday Crush. The fabulous number 124 {Tina, Sugar Tops}


Hand Stamped & Sugary Sweet 124: Tina, Sugar Tops, LLC

Tina designs and creates beautiful, hand stamped jewelry. She is a truly gifted artist and I am amazed by her talent. Her business, Sugar Tops LLC, specializes in one of a kind designs so you can "wear your story." Beyond charming, meaningful and gorgeous. Tina is sweet and sunny. Total Tuesday crush:)


Fascinating Tina trivia:)

·        favorite color?  Black because it's slimming and mysterious... and maybe red too because it's passionate!

·        favorite team?  The Dallas Cowboys!  Just because I crushed on a boy down the street who like them... when I was in second grade!!  Still root for them today!

·        if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Pasta with home made meat sauce!  Yummo!

·        party trend you are crushing on?  For kiddo's I like the personalized plates, napkins and cups that have your kids photo printed on them.  The kids think that is so super cool - and that makes mom so super cool!

·        party trend you are so over?

·        favorite aisle in the craft store?  Undoubtedly, the stationary aisle.  I like to enclose hand written notes as thank you's with my orders - and I like to find fun paper to do it on.

·        do you wear Uggs?  yep!  I treat myself to a new pair every few years.  This year I bought the Dakota slippers and I love them.  

·        do you really exercise?  My jaw when I am eating cake!

·        minivan or non minivan driving?  Non minivan... I like the SUV's.  Right now I have a Ford Edge, but I want to go a little bigger.  Any suggestions!?!

·        favorite holiday?  Christmas with out a doubt.  You cant get any better than seeing your kid's faces when they get up on Christmas morning and see all of those presents. Warms my heart.

·        favorite smell?  Either pasta sauce on the stove, or chocolate something in the oven.

·        do you color your hair?  <>, yes.  Until this year I did it to have fun with color.  Now, I do it to over the grey hair.  Just an other reminder that I am as old as I am.

o do you think you’re cool?  I like to think so... let me ask my 6 year old.  Me: Alyssa, am I cool?  Alyssa:  no.  Me:  Well I guess I better work on that this year.  It can be my new years resolution!


Tini Posh said...

Her Jewelry is beautiful..added her shop to my bookmarks : )

LilBuckarooDesigns said...

Love Tina-great crush!! Her charms are so cute too!